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Township Elections

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We woultJ again cali attention to the importance of an effectual organization of the Liberty party in the several towns at the coming election. All the votera wilJ wish to vote for candidates of some party; and rnost of them will do so. How much better. then, to have some of your owo, whom yon know to be good men and true! if you make nonominations in your town 'vhere they have been herelofore made, it will be regarded by your enemies as so far an abandonment of the party; and so it will be. In soine towns propositions will be put afloat for an amalgamalion with one of the other parties, and specioiureasons will be urged upon Liberty men why they eliould unite with them. But do not Ü6ten to them. Your greatest danger lies m cornpromietiig" wïth the other parties. All history pro ves that three great national pa nies cannot loner coexist together. They willeventually merge into two. 1 he tune is ast approaching when there will be but twonational parties in our country. The questien will soon be, whether we shall go to our enemie, of whether they shall come to us. If we ore inflexible in maintaining our present position, they imist and will shortly come to our principies. But just as soon as we begin to compromisewitheitber of tbeother parties, we commence the work of our owji destruction . This compromise can begin with a single town, and the result may be thougbt of no consequence. But the princrple on which you act may just as well be carried out in the nafion os in the town. It is urged that you cannot alone elect any of your ticket; but by uniting with one of the other parties you cnn elect half of it at once; and you are asked, is not tbat bettcr than to be defeated on all of it? No; forconsider the price you mu6t pny for it. After one or two such elections, theerty party in your towns will be extinct. - Are you prcpared to sell out at half piice, when by waiting a litr.le longer your utmost wishes would be gratified? If you do so, the next town may do the same with equal propriety, nnd the county, and the State, and the national parly. Would you be willing to compromise in 1848, with one of the other national parties who should agrce lo give us one half or one quarter of those objects for which we seek? If not, do not set example in the towns now. Beware of CompromISE6!(Cp3 The Albony Patriot is out against petioning for the aboütion of slavery, as useiees and neffectuol. The Editor says: ' Whoever n6ks a legislativo body to do that which he knowsitwill reruse to do, places himself in a euspicious position and curtails his moral influence: for out of the legisluture he declaim8 ngainst those who compose ihe bod)', nnd then appejrs before it nnd asks it to do what he knowH it will not do. Such 8 course is chrtdish, msttlting, unmanly, and leads any sharp-sighted reader of human character to conclude that such n man is eithcr in the market or that he is acting very silly.- For one, we cali upon all Liberty men to stop dallying with these parties. They will do you nnd your glorióos cause no good . Tiiukdkr away at thk Ballot-box! There, your voice has power; but to our legislatures, btate or National, your petitioiis for the ubohtion of American Slavery have ihe potency ot a mánt'seream, and bespeak any th ing but the strength which, under Go it is yours to wield, tril you win the doy." ftj' The good people of Boston have had several trials to elect a Mayor, but have not yet succeeded; Mr. Davis, the nativo has the highest number, but iacks 480 of a choice,


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