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Arbitrary Arrests

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Gov. Blair, iff.his annuat niessiige advocates tbe rigbt of the General Government to make arbrtrary arresta in Michigan, or in other words to kidrrap citizcns and run them out of the State. Öe certainly interpreta the furnous " Personal Liberty " law, confesaodly passed to ntiHify a ]aw of Congress, as proleeting only " colorecl folks." - On the othor hand Gov. Skymoue, of N. Y., denies the right to make arresta ra New York without duo warrant of law, and proclaims tfort be shnü protect the citizens of bis State agmnst Ilegal and ar'uitrary arresta. Whieh Governor stands by the rights of tho )eople ? - The Supreme Court of Wisconsiii j - eomposod of Republicans- has just endored a docisicn in tho case of tbe Ozaukee draft r;otcrs fustaining tho 'rit of habcas corpus. The Courts are waking up to their dutics and rights, nd the citizens yethave hope that their borties are not all suppressed instead f the rebellion. We do not intend by im remark to excuso the Ozáúfcee restanta, buL simply to expresa our gratification that in bringing them to such punishmeni as they may deserve the forma of law are to be obeerved; W Hon. James A. Bayard, Democrat, has been re olected to tho Uüited States froni Delawaro. JEüST Gold is running up and Gov ornment stocks down. This is owiüg in part to the reeent military reverses, and m part to the p'roposed ■ issue of another large batch of Treasury notes, thus influÜDg the curreney. At !he cloe of the New York Seoond Board, Wedncsday evoning, gold was quoted iirm at 47 per cent premium. It will probably reach 50 boforc the week is out. ST Congress is proposiug to lay a submarino eable from. Föftre.lB iMonroe to New Orleans. g-Zgr 'phu rep01.te(_i aEöag0 t() jj()n tor " gimbont Píiskíc is contradicted. She nrrived at Beaufort N. (J. in gond öonditión, and is prenouncod a success. E X&eveiieBablö LymanBkkciier, father of the " Ueecher fumüy," died at his rosidunce in Brooklyn, N. Y., on Suttirday last. aged 87 years; &3LT Tiiad. Stevens has introduced ajull in the House proposing to raise 150,000 negro troops, to serve five years at $10 per month. JST3E Tne Senate has pnssed a bilí to raisu 20,000 troops lor the special düil' of K ntucky ; the troops to be ordered out of the State if the President shall deern neuessary, C3K" Pon. W. A. JírciiAUDsow was erleeted United States Senator from Illinois ou J,Ionday,j by a voto of GG to 37 for Gov. Yates. líe takes the seat of Bhowninq who suoceoded Doügt,a8 by ■appointment.' It is rather a pity that lio does uot succeed Tkumbull. C We givo placo this week to the annual message of Gov. Blair, and its üuusual leiigth is the only excuse we have to otter far tho lack of variety or iüterest in our columns. U" Gen. HosEciiAiNs has ordered all the rebel officers captured by him into close confinement to await the workiug of Jeit. Davis's retaliatory ordor. ï The Perihsylvahïa Legishiture, ii Tuesday, by two mnjoiity, elacted Boa, C'raulhs 11. Bucklevv, Democrat, tTnited States Senator, to sneeeed DaVil) WltMOT. j


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