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From The First Mounted Rifles

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Co. K lst Mich., Moi-stjU) Hifies ) Wajebinötcn, O. C ,' Jan. 2.1, 1863 ) Fuiesb Pond : A few day's ago [ receivcd n Argxm, and ft was as weieome as an ld friend. Our boys floeked arouod to licar the newg frqm liome, aiu!. it is being passed to one tent aft er the otliers as fast asit s scannod over. ïho" Ad Arbor ' boys wish jou will aiways (Iiink of tliom. ín my last letter, I told -you we wore in camp, aud under " mareliing order?; " but you see wo are here yet, and are likely to be for some timo, as they talk of building stables for our horses. Our camp is on the oíd Capítol Iliil and s a good dry spot. Wc have -cleancd it up. and iur neatne.s t cannot be beat. Ommen are very healtby and in good spirits, only wishing for tho " forward maicli " to wilde away the uionotory. ' We have got bar Revolvers and " oíd Sabara," whicíi they say are to be thrown away as soon. as we reeeive our Èlflas. Thej sent U3 tho oki Austrian Rifles, but our Colone] sent tliem back, seeming detennined to have the -Rogimnut what it was proved to be. " Mounted Rifles ;" : and the genujne eight shooters are to be hcro soon. Our Company stands O. K. n the Regiment. Gapt. Clark is woll Hked hy the officers of the staff and men of Ijís company, ho makes a good eonmandor. and s likjly to bo prometed We are prctiy hard worked. . It is drill, and waturor feod horsea all the time. They do not give us anv time daring day light to ourselvcs ; but as soon as ene thing is done the bugle sounds another. On Suuday last I went aeross the river fora riJe in Marylar.d. ' I visited some of the 28th Illinois at. Forts Mahan and Barrj, . They are quite formidable, (the Forts I mean ) mouutíng 20 to 30 guns each, of 3G pounders principally. They eominand tho river. Thoreare a long aliará of such forts as far as the oye can naaeh. Oa Saturday I saddled my horse and rode to Alexandria. The ride was plèasant, but for what I saw in tho city did not pay for the trip. Young StockIMQ (soii of the late Doctor) rode frotu the lst Michigan Cavalry with me, to show me roun-d. Sasi Gregory went with us. FitAXK pointed out the house ÉLL8WQRTÓ was shot in. The Churches aud all public buildings, are turned into Hospitals. Talkiag of Hospitals, tfhere are two close to our camp, the Emery and Lincoln. Aftnr the batile of Fredricksburg, tlioj brought in tho woundcd by hundre.ds. The Lincoln bas about 30 buildings, each oapable of holding nearly 200 eaeh, and it is f:ist filling jp, ambulances coming in by droves. I u-ent yesterdiiy and visited Jonk h'íñiiER who uscd to live with Mr Bre-.yell, of Anu Arbor. He is gettiug 3ii fincly. I met there Ilon. Oalbb ÖLARK-and lady. They both caiac ove nd visied our boys. To-d.'iy, Lieut Bedford of our city, sent for rne. l went to-tlio Douglaa Hospital, and f, mud liira badly wounded He ís well cared for and vvül gat over it. The hospital IS the best I have been in. The iiimatcs are priucipally offieers, who pav 75 cents per day for board and attention. We are preparing for Inspeetion and Mustering for pay, which is tnuch needed, neariy all haviug not roceivod any pay since enlistinent; many are "gtrapt," and not able to buy a pojtage slamp, and the Sutler has shut down ou the Boys, so we are looking forward to tho cvetitful day witli anxiety. We are to have a :hange in the Regirhental Staff, Col. Copeland boiug pro moted to a Brigadier General; and Gommigsarjf Askbs of Ypsilaoti, to Captain or Brigade Cummissary, to be stationed in Kentucky, who wil! take their place is not kuowu by the men yet. On tho Lili to tho N. E. from camp is a school of Instruetion for artillery, called eamp Barry. There are at present 12 Bütterics stationed thero. Four left last weok for the front, ours is stillleft in camp, and is brigaded with us iu Gen. Casey's Brigade. Tbey eáy there is somo snap in the oíd follow, ií' so we may stand a chanco of sceing " some fun " soon, and our boys are speculating considerably, Our coimnissary anutigements have jiinproved, and we uow get ffood raóions, ai any rate, we as soldiera thiuk so. We Lave beon long cnough in the seryico nüt to be too particular. Evorything in theeating line is very donr iu Wasliiogton, batte at the Butlers is 40 eents per lb., and everything ia próportioa. Our living is chiofly bread and coffee, which is of better qualiiy tlian in Detroit. We get our water at the famous spring whëré the man was shot in the act of poiaoning, having causcd the deatli of some of the poor soldiers before ho was oaug'it at it. ve are . to day, building our stables and the rumcr is that we aro to act as Provost Guarda for the cilj of Washington. If so we shall not go to llic front, wlm-li will disappoïnt the boys. New Yeavs passcd off very quiotly, the day not being thonght so much of as Christmas is out liore. Tliey commenced iiriug of guus eai-ly on Ghiistinas Eve, . und kept it up till ucxt night. It was a perfect 4th of July, but New Years there was liardly any noise made. There is ooe tlujng, I küovv, we soldiers had nothing extra on our talle, excuse me, I mean platea, for we have no fcable, How my inouth wutered wlion I saw your notice of that fat Turkoy, and I thought T ooulJ h:vo thanked sonio ono for eveu a cliicken, t. is so long since I have seeu one. Tolay I went to the Lineóla Hospita and saw Chaklib SauLTEo tbat used t work for S. -A. Speruv, he is getting wcll aud is now aswstant nurso. To-day it is very warm, ju3t as it is D Mioh igan in September, only that the night are co!d. faifa hard up for items of interest and will close this as it is near '" roll eaü ' hoping to have somethitig more iuteresting uext time. From yours, COM5IISSARY. Z:ST The State Capítol of Louisiana at Baton Rouge, was recontiy destroyed bj fire. Loss $70,000. ■ _ It isstated that rauch of tlio light twclve pounder ammunitron furnished to Bukn-side's arraj is wörthless, and that sovoral casualties ocoun-ed in eonsequenco to federal soldiere d uring the recenlly battles. L2ST Hay is being transported ffOm New York to New Orloans for the snb-sistenoe of Gen. Banks, cavalry horses KST The Stato officers and their' alerks have been presenting Gov. Blaiü wilh a éilver tea-set valued at $.302. The liberal offipera must be geüir.g better salaries than someothers or thev could not sfford tho laxury oí sucïi giving. 1" The Maine Legislatura on Tuesdny re elected Hon. Lot H. Morkil United States Senator. BF The Circuit Court adfourned on Wednesdny umi] Tuesday, the 27th inet. The jury was disabarged. LST The Richrnond Enquirer claims thiU the rebels guined the'greatest victory oi tbs Southwest at Murfrecsboro. L3Í A joint rcsolution has already been introduced rato the House striking the word " white :; out of the Ccmstitution, and making negrees voters. We mistrust that it will be some time before the people of Michigan will thus invite a general imrnigration of " eontrabands." ÜJ35T The oasualties reported in the tSth Michigan regiment, at Murfreesboro, are 22 killed, and 60 wounded; ainong the Jatter several raortaliy. E3 The total losses by fire in the Northern States, during the year 1862, aro put at $18,020,00(1. L#" A Teuuessee rebel regiment, 200 strong, threw liow their arros during he thickest of the fight at Murfreesboro. L The pending trial of Gen. McKixsTitY, t St. Louis, has come to an end, but Iho decisión has not jet beov made public. tW The Richmoiid &anner, of the 2d inat., qmites brown sugar at $lal,10, per 1b , and molasses at S7,50a$8,00 'por gallon.


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