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Letter From J. M. Howard

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Detroit, Feb. 26, 1845. To the Edilors of the Signal of Liberty: Gents: - I notice in your paper of the 24th, the following article: "The Ohio American of Feb. 13, pul,, lishes a letter f rom E. Roberts, dated Dec. lOth, 1844, in which there is this statement: 'At a Whig meeting held on the eve before the election, while Mr. Giddings was making a speech in this place, he introduced and read the Garland letter, and said he had no doubt as to its genuineness, for HE HAD RECEIVED A LETTER FROIU Mr. Howard which substantiated ir IN HIS MIND THAT 1T COULD NOT BE A FOK GERY.' The Mr. Howard here referred to we learn from the American is Hon. J. M. Howard of Detroit. We have no comments to make. We only mention thfaas anothér evidence of the industry manifested by that celebrated traveller, Major Roorback, jusi before the election."In reply to thi's new attack, I can oniy say that I have never written or utlered one word to Mr. Giddings or any other person, from which it could be inferred in the remotest degree that the "Garland letter" was genuine, or that it was not a forgery or fabrication by another hand; and that if Mr. Giddings made the declaration imputed to him, (which I by no means believe, as I think him incapable of so unfoundeed a statement,) it was without the least authority from me. As you have given currency to this story and in an indirect manner expressed your belief in the truth of Mr. Roberts's statement, or rather of the imputed declaration of Mr. Giddings, I trust you will do me the justice to insert this note in your paner.


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