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Loomis' Artillery Fight

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The oorrespondent of the New York Ilerald, vvrilirg oi Friday's operations ne;tr Murf'iee-sbooro, .-ays : Colonel C. 0 Loomis is tho envy of all ariilk-risis. is not only the qinckest arrvmg them. bu' the most lucky of artfllermtsr. 0 Friduy morninj the calm was brokrn bv an attack heilig made upon fiis artiliery, iti lïousseau'f! divifíon in uhich Looit)!!) commafKltJ iour batteries. They drove in : ur [tickets with'a small Coree oí' ini fiiOtry, and planted two baiteries on either .ide of the Murfreeïboro road, an'! opened briskly iion Róusseau'á camp. Loomis immeitiately ordered ( out Captain Stonö's First Kentucky :.tid hw own farnous Pirst Michigan Batt.-ry and replied lo them. The annonadino; f'or a lew moments was i iific. From rry position to the right, and out of danger, I oould very plain'y [ see tln: re!il gnus, and bevond theni as distinctiy the town oí Blurfreebboro, and i redotibt ahout a míte ibis sido; The whola rebel lint! flew to nrms at tliis tremendous uannonading, as d-id our nwn, and the men feit thaf anothe:terrible dra nu was about to be enaoted. But thü infantry wene reatrained, and the artiilery 1 e ft to do its work. Gen. Rousseau, who know the stuff of which Looinis was-eoinposüd, sent him word to Iet them go away uuharmed. Looinis prommed. to obey, and kopt his word. Alter a quarter of an hour's work fivu of a brass guu battefV were dismounted and the battery almost destmyed. The remaining gun lnnbered up and disapponrud. ïlie second battory was reeeiving adinónitions to leayo, which tliey took in goed part and disappeared to the nght, leavini; the road, along whieh our shots feil thick and last, n atier disgust. I cannot sfly whut the rebels lost here in killed and wounded, bul can speak" positivaly as to tho loss of iivo gnns, - Our own loss in killed was roportod to fne st twenty-thrce, and onu hundre] and twenty-seven wounded. Wlien the War Department comes to sum up its heroos and the honois to be conferred, lof it not, if héroes overbalance tho honors, blot out the of that admirable aoldiei' and nr.ilinching patriot who baars tjio name of hoqjrnU iS" "r-'ff Duvis threatens an áuáck of New Or!etrp,


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