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THE REBELLION ON HIGH PKÍCES FOK CLOTHING. HAS COMMERCSD AT THE CL O & KELIABLE CLOTHI N G EMPORIÜM! No. 3 PHOENIX BLOCK; MAIN St. IAMnow openin? "a large and varied ossortraent of Sl-riügRüü'SumroMUoods, and in view of the rebenion on high prices ganeraliy, will offer themtomy f rienda and eustomirs at the fery luwest figures . Cash.- ïhose in want of a. Buperioi article of Clotus, Cassinifres. or BeLidy-Made Clothing, -wlll cali onWM. WACNER, who has jast returned from tho East. with a large assortment of SPRING & SU MM ER GOODS which have been purchaaed at Lhelato LOW PEICES! and can offer them at a lower figura thaa'evfp bef ore. Aniongmy Aasortme&t inay befound broadcloths, ÜASSIMERES, DOESKINS, VESTINGS of nïldescriptions, temther with a superior assortment oí Renily-Matle (,'iotHlncr, lirW,vS, vvvTRUKKS, CARPET BAGS, . 'BjOJiJ üMBRELLAS, ai'13 síSi31BH;nilemen's Funiisiiiníí CrOOIDS, with numemug othcr articlea usually fuund in similar establishment. As an EMPOMUM FASHION, tl-.e su,bscriber Bottershimsolf; tliat his long: experïence and general success, will eiiabte tiim to give tho gre:iti.'St satisfaciion to all whomaj' trust him in the way oi . 83F Manufactuving Garments to order. WM.WAGN'ER. AnnArtor, Aplil 9tt 1862. . 648tf Tcba cco l Tobacco ï I AM SEI.UNG GOOD FINE CÜT GHEWING TOBACCO Atfroin Fifty cents lo % per pound SMOKING TOBACCO, From 11 cents to 20 cents per pound at retail. M. DEVANY. Ann Arbur, Itich., Du .1", 1SC2. 883tf Agent for the Phcenix Insurance Company OF HARTFORD CT., AND THE CQNWAY INS., COMPANY OF BOèTON MASS. Lossea Honoyably aajusted and promptly païd at tliis Agoncy. Office Corner Main and Hurón Slreet, over tbc Stare of Bach Í: Pierpü.v, Ann Arbor. A nu Arbor, SepMi, 1862. i Transes ! RÜPtUBE .'AN BE CCïlED BY A TRUSH of the riglit kind, if pnperly flited and duly attended to. ThU has b en, abunrtaatly demoostrnted 'ín inna-mera bk InstiMtoet by Üieuoof4h AtulUiiednl Tiuss of Dr. Rigjs, durmi; tlic luatfew yaajp. This ïrus boinii' c-vnüd with Hard Rubber, la perfwtly water pn;f)f, m iy he u.-ïdl in batbing. and is aiwaya clennly a?= ) yq} as n'loitrr.ctible !jy oráioapy usage. If nok satisfactorv ifter a fair trial of kty dayp, it m:iy bf rt turnea It ah iliungts eoaiparUpn vith (Uïy Wuif . knnwn. Dr RIGGS1 uflice, No. 2 BARCLAY Ülreet, New; Voríi íí85tf a rriIE ROOTS AND THE LEAVES WILL b.e l'ur the Utalii g of the Nations. Bitle. Xr-of. Jël. 3". Xj-S-OUS, THE GUliAT AN'J) C1CLKÜRATK1) l'HVSICHN of tbr T11KOAT,LUXUS, HBARt, LIVfcR AND THU BLOOD. K&own ail over tlie country as the CEI.KÜRATFD INDIÁN HEEB DOOTOB ] (Jf 282 Superior Street, Clevelanu, Ohio. W'll v i s i t the follo'.vmg placan, viz A?[J01NTMKNTii FOB 1862, 1SOS and 1S04. Prof J. L_vorn can be coasulted at the fnïlowing places every montli, viz: Detroit, Hussel House, eachmoith, 18thaml 19th. Ann Arbor. Monitor House, eacli monlh, 20ih. Jaclison, ii'bborii House, i-acli mnnth, 21. , Adrián, Brjicket House, each nicnth -"iil and 23d. do, üliio,Ci)lhná House, each month, 21tlS,23th and Stith. HiftsdAle, ..iicli. ,'Hilladalc House, each monthr27th Coldwater, Mich.. Soutuera Michigan House, tach mnn;!i, 28:h. E&iïapt, Klkhart Houso, each montb, C9tti. . South Bene, lnrt , st. j.. Hot64, each month, 30. I .I.aporlc, Jnd., Tee Garden House, each month 3!st. Wooster, UhiO, Crandüll Exchange, eacti uionth, T til j nn8th. MansfleW, Oliio, Wiler House, oach mtnth, 9th anc j lOlh. ■ ! Veinon, Kenyoa House, each month, llth and ■ l-'th. Xewarl;, (!hio, Holton Houso, each m' nth, 13Üi and ■ , Hih. ' ' Painesville,, Cowles Tlouse, each month, 4th ■ I' CJ.KVi LAND, OHIO. RESII bS'Jt. AN i [ j OFFICE, -2S2 8ÜFEÍUOR STEEKT. : of the pjpblie flqu&re, oppnsite tho PostoIIice. I Officü d:iy.i eiich muuih, Öd, 4ih, 5tb, 6th, 16th.- 1 Ufftoe iiours from 9 A. -I. to Vl M, and from 2 1'. -M. te 1 4 I'. M. OnSunday from 9 to 10 A. M.,and 1 tu a 1 AI. 1 L5JLixirns .sli-icily udherod to- 1 -_ I trivf áucb b;ilm ;ts have no s tri f e, Wi(h' nature or the laa of life. With blood my hands I never stain Nfirpoisoö men toeaso theirpain. ÏTe is a phyirian tpdeed, uüio Quiys, iiie loHJan DoOtöï1, R. J. LYO.Vö, cures the fol I lowlng compíaíats in the mo-t obstinate stages of theiï 1 existence, ïv. íJiL'-' i iroat, Lungs, Ileart, Lircr, Stom ach ,.Drops,y in tho Güeet, Rheumatirnn, Neuralgia, Fits, or Falling iöUness, and all other n?fviu8(ii'aiigeui(.iiif'8. Al .n all dïeaaes of tlie blood, such as Söl'ula, h i-ysipe]as, (Jm -era, Fever Sores, Leprosy, and all other comjlicated cUronio complaini All farras of feinale difficuJíies attended to with thé , htppie.-t rèaulta. lt is boped tliat no one will depnir of a ciro until fhey hae gïven the Indian ïli-i-b iJostor's Medïcina a fair and faithful tiial. fiDiirnig the traveln ia Kurope, West Indies, Suuth Ameiica, and tlie : United Staies, he has been the ièsirument in líod'a ; band. to restore lo health and vigor thousanda who j wert given up an 1 pronnuncm incurable by .he niest , 'eminent old schuil jjliysicinn-;; nav, uiorc, thoui-ands whu were on the vergo of the grave, are no'.v living i to the ímli.-;n Herb'tí Dotxtor's skill nji snccessfttl treaiment, audtire clnily oxclaiming: "Í5'e,ssed bo day wheo tit-st e Paw and artook of th'o Indian llerb Uoctor's racdicinc." atififactory referenoesof cares wilï bo gladly and cheorfully givpn n henear roquived The Doctor pïedge hik word and honor, that he will ia no wise, divectlv or iaflirectly, induce or c;uise any inyalid tu tnke his ïuedicin; vithout liie stvungest probabüüy of a cure &&■ Mode uf examina tinn, wbieb is cnliicly different Erom the facultar, Vv. Lynu profesaos to díscern diseasea by the ey. lif threfnri nsks noquestiona, nor f dods.hè requir patientstp explaha symptcma. Cali one and idlt.indh.&va thefeynaptoms aal looktjop of jour ■■ txplalne'd ftep (.'f cliargc IThB poor Ftiall b libei&lly eoóaldbrèd. jgarPostoiacc addrens, box 2063. II. J. LYOX?, M P. Oïorriand, Ohio, Nov. Ü5. 1S62. , i) Í80 ttention Company! HPHE. flrm of Moorft ■& Loomis, are now cloeing out X their bii'incsfi in t lslty. und all thrse imU-tilfid tb the firra, either hy noto o'r book acconní, aro revpeei fully invited to cali and ttettie tho sam'-i imiurli:itelv and BaVecost. After the lOth, inat.. iho booka t amlaccoucïs of siri firra will be Tft wifh Mr. X. B. , ( ole, ojie door ncr+h o) Meters. bobff & Millei-'B Booïisiore.Franklm Block, wlio i3 duly authoriaed to sottle tho saD. JíOORÉ iL IÓ0MÍ?


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