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j A Hl'. AljlV W-1,.M.N(,. iMi.1.1 l'ntJ.U I'Ulïl.I.ilKUS a i AXi) Manufacturera, a New auJ Complete stock of LAVV & MEDICAL UOOKS, :o School Bookt, ie Misceltaneous Books, ;t . Blank Books, dan e STATIONE DEI "V ! e Wall and Window Phjmt, i Drawinp; and Mathematicallnstriiments, a Muslc, JuvenilcLibranOi.,Kuvclo[jos, Inks and Cardi. r' LHÍ --.-.---■-{' I. ■ a [- GOLD e .{# all otJier kinds (f Pens and Prncis N Window Corniee, öhades and Fi.cturo, ; POCKET CUTLEKY! 1 AnüeveryLhing pevtaining to the trade, and more to whiehlhey would invite the attention t of the countrj'. In conduetingour bvsiBösa, we ah.aU do nll that can X betloiie,so that no rcasonabli; man, woman or cbild sha 11 q find. an' fault . We poasess facïlities which will enable us to supply 11 uur stomers at the Lowest Possible Figures. . Wt' propos p toaeltför REAHV PAY, arta mail ad vanee. q W eject a profit on öuï ïoo1s, but i Cash Sales will Admit of Low FIGURES. Tho "EanEKBoOK Store," is manned by agood 'crew.' Ü nd thpy will always be found ou the "qnarter deck,'' fready and willint; to jittendto all withpleasurewïio will favor them with a cali. Uomcmber the "Empire Book Store." ■ JAMES R. WEJÍSTER& Co Ann Arliuv, May,18C0. T4f t Great Reduction in the Price of ; & CO.'S s Standard Bïachines . Well known to be the Best for Min' ufacturing Purpet e. '' No. 1, Standard Shuttle Machine, formeriy sold at $90, reduced to S70. No. 2. oí' saine kind of Machine, for merly sold at $100, reducud to 75. SÏNGER'S LETTER A MACH INE Is the beat Machine in the world for Fnniily SftWing and .ú Jtanufiicturin Pnrposes : (with, Hcmmer,) aud beautifully ornamentad S50. The Xos. 1 and 2 .Machines are of great capacïtv ;iml ajipiicatiun for mapcfacturlng pnrpobee. Uur No. 3 Machines are especially adapted to all kinds of ltght and beavj J.citlier Vork, in Carrfáge Trimming, I3ot and Bhofl Making, Harnesa Makinir.etc, etc. Tht'y are of extra size, and viith ..n arm Jong ebough to cake uudiT it and stitoh the targest size Sshes. Tiiere ia scarcelj any part oía Trimmers' Stitehing that cannot be better ÜOne with them than by hand ; go, too the Bavlng {jí time md labor is ve-y gr#at, Thetableof these machaies is 21 inchea long. aad thesliuttU' will ; hold siT tinrlestbe uuuul quantit.v'ni thread, Thetaige I niachiiip works as fa-tas small ines. We Tvoohi ftükfoi' onr l.fiter A Mftehtnee, the spe - cíal attent ion of Vest .Makers and 6resa i!;els, and alí those wlio want Machine. for UgH man ufaeturivg i poses. Tlu'.v erabody the pridciples of the standard machines, mabing like the in thefntêi'Iocked sitch, and 1 are öefltined to be ascelebrated for Family ard '■■ Hgki manuf act uring pufpows a.s.tour standard 1 chines are, for inantifacturing in general. i We have a'avays m lufiuï, uk.mmin; aigks.sii.k TIst 1 UNK.V AND CUTTO.V TH HAD , (JN NI'OOLS, BEST MACI1INK UIL in bottles, etc, etc. e We manufacture our imn Xeedlcs, and would wam all I peruoQs using our nuiciiines not tg buv anv uthers. e know that thetv are needies sold of the mort inferior qibolity it higlier pi-ices than vediarg i for the best. The needies sold hy l(s are roanafiictured pecially for onr ma binen. A bad nccéle may rendir tht Sat machine almost nseles". Our customertt may rost a-sured tluitah 'ur ií ranch Offices ansfuriiiölied mtli tlie ' peijuine actij. " In case ui mii.iII jKtiliii-ses. the moaö) wiay bo sent in postare lítumpn, or bank notes. . Corresponde nï wil] please write their " ly. It is all iiipnrtant th.U we k hou ld, ineachcaae, the Kttst Oilice, Counijr, and State. "' tëS' A.I persuas requirfng iaformaünn AboutSewmg " Machines tliei' .size, prices, woiking capacitie-;. and llie j e best methods of urchaainpr, can obtain it by Ronding to '; ns, or any of onr B-anch Offices for a cúpy of I. Itt. Sinter & Co V Gazetto, p Wliicb iiabeautiful Pioiorial Paper eütirely devotedto tj the subject-! will bej&Ugratis. ' 4. i US" We have mads the abuve'REDUCTION IN PRICEi f1 with the two-fold view of bene&tiag he public and our '! xeWai, The public h;ivi been switulled b spurious machinos made in uniutiou of ours. Ti.e.'meUlin tbero, ?, trom the run casUng to tHe staftllest 01 poor ! ininlity. ïheir matera have not the means to do their , worK ivell. They arehid uway in secret places, wheje it woald be mposaible tn have at tlieir coinmaml the prop. er mechanica 1 a ppliance. It ih mily by dning a preat buHiness ,;t nil bayjng extenmve maqufactunng rstablishments, that eóod machines can be mude at moderat - price. The best deugnéd maoliincs, BAIfl.y MADK, are [, alu-aya luble to pret out o f order, ! remira 10 cost considerable tnmiite and money to kceii tliem in repaire The qualiliea to be looked tor in Machiueare : c-rtainty of oorrect aoticn at all rales ut speed, Bimplicit.v of eönstructïon, great ■lurabialy, and rapidily ol op. ratii.ii, 'Mi thp least labor. Maéliinestif umnbine these e;sciitinl qualities, must he made of the best metal and e( Sniaktd to penftction. We liave theway and means, on a. grand seale, to do thix. the iiurchasers of machines, whoscdaily bi-ead it may concern, wil! hftviög the abovequalitios not only work .veil at rapíd as well as low vates i t n speéd,bat last loDger in thp nest piwnible working order, .i fur maohïnefl, afl inailc by us, win earn more money with lesa labor lliun auy'ol lii-rs wlicllier in imit.ifinn o' ouraornot. Intact, they ai echeai.ertlian an.t"o'ther J machines ae a gift. I. H. SÍHGER ii CO., 458 Uroadivay NewYflrk. Detroit Office, 58 Woodwarxl Ai'emie, (Merrill r Block.) SUtf M. EI. GOODRICH, Agent, Ann Arbor. w -_ . : , NEW FALL GOODS! p BACH $c PIERSON e Have just opened a „, Clioico Stock of H WOOZ, C0TT0N& S1LK S' an Ladies'and Gentlemens Wear,. thi also a stock of 'U Best Family Graceries, which'will be acid CIIEAP FOR CASH. Ú l'at Gold, recoived at 10 per cent. prem. Sil ver, '' " 14 " " " Canada, " " 14 " " " Oíd demnnd Treasury notes, at 10 per Bent. prem. BACH & PIERSON. Aan Arbor, Sept, 22. U62. A


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