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3, GREAÏ.CÏtEATERGREATEST BAKGA.1KS EVER OFFEREü 1 859. JppxO) 59, In thisCLty, :ire uow beiug offered at the OHEAP, CLOCK, WATCH, & ]. T o A7 tilry StoreTHK Subscribo r woulrisny to thi'citíznpo-l Aun Ar bor,i' particulnr, nnH cht: ren nt Wnehtrniiw Countv in eeneral. that hohasjuat lMPOlll'ED DlRKCTLY from KÜSGPK.e Tremendous Stock rf Watchcs! AIi of whk-h hf. bindshinwlitr sell C1TK U'KR than can bebnuclil wrgi o)' rlnw York City, Open Face Cylirulcr Walches Irom $f to $10 i'h, do. do Lever do do 8 to 21 olts Hunting Casi Ho do do 14 to 35 isic do do Cylinder do do 9 to 28 isic Gold Watehee from 20 to 150 I have also the ■ s. CELÉBRATE!) ud AMEU'CAN WAT CHES, Í5 which I will sen ttr $30. Every Vvatch warranted to ua perforra wel!, or the moiuiy reftinded. 60, Clocks, ml Jewelry, Piated Waw, int Fnncy Goods Gold Pens, fea MusicaUDetruments and StringB, ule ■ " Outlery, &c, and in fact n variety of everyhine uually bept _y Je voelers cnn bn boughtforthe next nïnety os days ut vmr O W N i'BICES! ad Persona huyiniï ni,y1hil)ir at'this well known eatab(r Hahine nt ran rply upnn cetting gooö1" exact'y as repjg rpaerit'd, or themnney refunded. rallearjy and sej cure the best bfircaina ever (itfered in thi' i'ity One word in regard fo Repairing : We are prppared to make any renaira onfine or com■ee inon Walehes, fvpn to mkinec er the entire wateb, if neceaaary. Repiiiring bf Clocke and .Inwelry aa' ueual. Also the a8tunctinin of RINGS, BROOr lis ur or auythine; deaired, from California Gold onshortno' ry tice. Enerayinc in allits branchesexeented withneat. ness and diepatch, J C. WATTS. Anti Arbor, Jnn. 28thlP59. 7f4w lie ■ ,u Important National Works, k Pubüslied by D. An'LEÏON' & CO., ri 346 AND 343 BROADWAYNEW YORK ut ______ The follnwinp works are sent to Subscribers in any part of tlü country, (upon receipt of retail price,) by mail or expres, prepala: i THE NEWAMKRIAS A J "l Popular Ilictionary of General Knowledge. Edltéd by (Jbo. Hipi.ey and ChjKLES a., aiileil by a numerouí select corps of writors ín all branches of Sciences, Art and hiterature. 7'bis worl; is being publisheil in aljout 15 large octavo volumes, eachcontaininfr 75Ütwo-column " pages toto. I., II., III., IV. V., VI., VIL, VII!., k IX. ■ are Dow roady, each containing near 2.500original arti - "■ clcs. An additional volume will be published once in - ST about three months. I'rice,in Cloth, $3; Sbetp, $3.50; Half Bussia, $4 50 "' each. '! ïhe New American Cyclöpndia is popular without be11 inp supsrfleial, learnad without being pedan tic, compre ■ henalvi butsufflcicntly detailed, frecfriim personal pique " and party prejudice, fiesH and yet accurate. It is a I complete statement of all that is known upon every important to[)ic within the scope of human infelligence. Every important .irticle iri it bas been specially wntten its pages by men who are authorities upon the topic y on whicU they speak. Tbey are required to brincr the 11 auejectupto the present moment; to state just how it n stands nmi. All the statistical Information is from the 'v latcal reports; the geographical accounts keep pace wïth the latest explomtioua ; historióal matteM includc the freshest just views; the biographical notices ads ak not only of thedead but alêoof the living. It is a iibrary of tst-lf' A'iRlDGEMENT OF THE DEBATES OF tOiVCRESS Bcing a Political History of the United States, from the ocganization of the first Federal Congress in 178" to 1856. Erlitedand compiled by Hon. Tno. 9 Hart BENITO, from the Official Records of Congrcss. The n'ork will be corop'x-ted in 15 royal octavo volumes f of 750 pages each, 11 of which are now ready. An V ditional volume will be published once in three months. Cloth, $3; Law Sheep, Half Mor., Hall Calf. $4.50 each. A WAY OFl'KOCIJRTNG THECYCWl'.EDIA ORDEBATKR Form a club of four, and remit the price of fourbooks,' and five copies will be sent at the reinítter's expense for carriage; or for ten subscribers, eleven copies will b sent at our expense for carriage. ri r To Agdts. No other work will so libentily reward the exertionp of yfcents. AD Acet wa.te7) ix tuis County ïerms made IkBowB on application to the Publishers. Ann Arbor. March. 1859. , 6902amt "S5JL Bev Thos. Wkiüht, agent at Kiune ie Siniths Book Store, Ypsilanti. fo 1862. NEW 1862 f wi WIIMTER GOODS! o MACK & SCHMID J are now receivu g a '' Largo & Attvactive Stock of ,,',, taple and Fancy Dry G;iods, m LaDIES'DUESS GOÜD3, ',ê,r FÜUS, 3 CLOAKS, SHAWLS, &c "Lt Ik in great variety of the most desiiable suci stjles and quaüüts. JJjj mee A good assortraent of RIBBONS, tcL TKIMMINCJS, ïi, GLOVES, b'a1 HOSIERY, &c "F Also a choioe stock of goods for Mens7 Wear, . .. nadies' and Children's Fhoes Wtst _?a:_f-.a?s asistid ca-ifs, -ttt" _F1xes_a. Groceries, aiib. ycaran o cker r, &c, è3., ac" ' . the il which will all be sold at the . ladiei child Lowest Cash -Prices. $1 MACK & SCHMID. $ divid Ann Arbor, Nnv. 7, 1862. 878tf Wh __ : _ mfly 5 low a Ilifle Factoiy! L J andb Beutier & Traver, - [Succcssors to A. J SuUierland.J Manufacturers of and Déniers in Guns, Pistols, Ammunition Mt Flashs, Potiihes Game Bags, and il Everyother article in that Line. All kiudi of _=i.__i--=-a_.i_ri.i3xri33ono at tho shortest noticp, and in the bost manner. t fiill assortment always kept on hand and made order. tK5, Shop on Hurón street. fM Ana Arbor, Uct. 8, 1362. 873tf vUJ Oval Picture Frames An" AIXSr.ES, STYLEE and I'RICES just received and forsalo oheapat fl CHOFF & MILLEK'S. i 1860.JVC.Í5, 7S0tf


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