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All Protestants condemn the withholding" of the Bible from the common peopie by thef Catbolifi priests as downr'ght wickedness.- - But what detbey sny when Protcttanl min-" isters ïhut out the written Word of Life from' their church-members? Dó tbeee papers con dcmn it? Rad ' he fpttowing aftful and labored opology for thia (íevitíeb practice, by Revw Robert Fuller, of South the grealf' Daptist champion of slaveholding, inhwthirdi. letter to &r. Waylánd. Observe how skilfully he slips out of nll personal responsibilfty, and yet argües tbr the infernal law of South Caroline as being (t?3 "lecessary, wisc, and evenKinJ"c:} in the estiioatio of the "best and most benevolent individuáis." Yet trhft Reverend slavehülder wonld doubtless be received into most Northern Baptist pulpits with dis tinguished hono; !"The most important law is that forbidding slaves being taught to read; yet how many iretatight! And this act would long since, have been expunged, but for the infatuated internieddling of fanaticism. It is but a-yem or two since, at the requeet of the Presidènff of the State Agricultural Society, I wrote ai letter, to be read before that body, on the religious instrucüon of our negroes, and, in that communication, ï urgedthe abrogation of this; law. The President, however, a gentleman of age, eaperience, and exalted humanity desired permission to strike out that clause. - - And when ï had' considered his reasons, and seen the charncrer of the ncendiary publications, with vvhich the South had just befom been deluge'hvvorks evidently appealmg to theworst paseions of the slave- I was not surDnsed that the best and most benevolent individuals should regard tLe provisión as neceasary, and wise, and even íund.. I hady. of course to yielri, and this re oly ono of the instnnees in whieb those who 8re the trucfriend of the slave, and whose position enabled tbem to plead his cause, have found themselvesdefeated by the lamentable and cruel system oP vituperation and agitation recklessly persisied'. in nt the North."05 There is now a Demoeratic majórity of one in the U. S. Senate- 24 Whigs, and" 25 Democrats, and th ree vaconciee, there having been no eleotion of Senator in. Virginia,, Tennessee, nnd Indiana. The four Senator whoare hereafter to tako their.seats from Iow and Florida will doubtless be Democrats- professedly eo, we mean. fl We have recei.ved the secondj number of the "Tr.ue American," published at Coctland village, N. f., by Eeles. & Goodwin,. at $1,00 a year, in advance. It is devoted to the Liberty principies.- We wish it ntuch; success, and hail iis apr pearance as ' another evidcnce of thfl growtli of ouf cause.


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