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Democratic State Convention

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A Democratie State Conwntion wfll he held at Detroit, on Wednesday, the eleventh day of February, A. D. 1801, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of nomhiating a candidate for Jastice of tlie Supremo Comí, and candidates for Regetrts oí' tho University, and í'or the purpose oí' transnctiíig such other business as may come before the convention. Each comuy couiprising one or inore representativo district will be entitled to three times as niauy delectes as there arerepresentatives in the lower íiouse of the State Legislature froni surli county ; and eae.h county which may not be entitled to one representativo in tile lower house in the Sate Legislatiu'e, will be entitled to one delégate. ïhe last Stoto Convention adopted a resolución to the eü'oct that, no delégate should be entitled to a seat in any future democratie State Convention as a representative fromany county in whicli he does not reside. Demócrata and conservatives, ye who wish a restoration of the Union and the maintenance of the constitution and laws in'their integrity, come and let us take counsel togetlrer in this hour of our humiliatiou and peril. Detroit, December 23, 1862. LEVI BISITOP, WM. A. RICIBIOND, II. N. WALKER, ADAM L ROOF, STEPHEN Q. CLARK, AUSTIN WALES, N. A. I5ALC1I, II. H. IIARMON, H. C. LYBROOK, J. G. SOTIIERLAND O, M. BARNES, JOSEP1I GOUTLER, L. D. NORRIS, Democratie State Central Committee


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