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Witli the exoeption of the capture of Arkansas Post, a strong rebel fortification on the Arkansns river, about 100 milos above its mouth, no very important military movenient has taken place since our last issue, althoiigh exoiting uews has been daily threatened. - It is said the rebels in Tcnnesseo have been largely reinforeed, and that another battle ncar Murfreesboro cannot be long avoided. We cannot learn that Roseckans bas been reinforeed, but he is spoken of as confident. - From North Carolina come notes of preparation, and the rebels report the next great battle to take placo in that direction. - We are inclined to think all quiet on the Rappahannock, notwithstanding reported movements. jL3ír Hon. L. C. Allen, member of the House from the Third district oí' this couDty, aod elected by the Demócrata aod Unionista, afiiliated with the Republicans in tho organization of the Houss by participating in their caucus and vo ting for the several Republican nomi nees for House officers. We do not know that Mr. Allen máde any pledges bcfore election, but having received both Democratie and Union nomiriations, and not having protosted against the Union platform before receiviug the votes of the Union men and Demócrata in opposition to a Eepublican candidato, it was hardly to be expeeted that ho would return to hia first love so early in the session. - Somebody was evidently mistaken, if not so!d, in bringing out Mr. Allen, and without further comment we leave it for his eorstituents to dotermine who. - The Advertiser and Tribune, defending Mr. Allen, saya that the " Demócrata in his town ' cut him,'" and ran hini behind his ticket. We noted that fact at the time, and now account for it on the principie that they knew both his anteceden ts and hearings better than those of other towns iu his district. - Mr. Allen voted for BIr. Nobody for U. S. Senator. E3F The telegraphed proooodings of Congrcss make Senator Siikrman say, that ho would voto to take up no general bilí until a conseriptioD law was passed ; the financial measures disposed of; and some bill passed so that disloyal citizens could be arrestod aceording to law. J52T" Tho recent decisión of the Supremo Court of Wisconsin declaring the draft law unconstitutional, and denying the right of tho President to suspend the writ of habeas corpus, s to bo taken before the U. S. Supreme Court for immediate review. Right - let us have the decisión of tho highest court known to our laws. 3L The U. S. Senate has passed a bill changiug the judicial distriets. It places Ohio and Michigan in one district, ativl will mtisfv tlic bar of this State. SP The New York House has net yet elected a Speaker, and the Legislature is at a stand stilf. EjS" The feder:.] losses at Murfreesboro aro finally detennined as 1,474 killed, 6,874 vvounded, and 2,000 pria ouers, in all 10, 348. JK3E" 'Fho Eepublicafl State Comtnittee has oallod a convention to be held at Detroit, on Thnrsday, Fob. 12th, after the Djmocratio convention, to nomínalo a candidato for Judgo of the Supremo C uirt, and eiglit candidatos ior Regente of tho University. B2P" Ve uotice thut a large number of bilis have been iutroduced into the Legislatura amending the primary school law. We hope that these bilis will be carefully considerad, and that none wil be allowed to paas unless a large positive improvement is certain. It porely puzzles offieers to keep track of tho amend nients made by sucecssive legislatures. ÏW A disposition seems to bo manifested in both the Senate and House, at Lansing, to pass rosolutions araending the Constitution. ïho meager voto upon the amendatory resolu.tions submitted at tho late election brands constitution tinkering a farce of the first water, and legislators shoald be extremely careful how they embark in tho business. S" Prof. RüSSBLL Comstock, better known as " Terra Culture Comstock," dicd at Albion, on tho 9th inst, aged 62 years. As Prof. Comstock's espositiüns of kis science vvero secret, and the bearers pledged to secreey even after bis death, ho flattered himself that his great discovery would die with them. We shall see upon how raany prophets his mantle has fallen. EST "Tbe recently intercepted rebel correepondence brings to üht the fact that Jeff. Davis some montha ago expelled the Spanish French Consul at Galveston frora the Confedérale Siíites for agitating and advising tho secession of Texas and tho ftet.ting np of a sop nrate governrr.ent. And eo Jkff. Davis acknowledges the rebels in the wrong by refusing to recognize the right of secession. ■ iKST Mr. Siieldon, tbo Register of Deeds for tliis Oounty, has beon advised by letter from Hon. B. F. Granger, that the Commissioner of Iuterual Reverme decides that the aoknowledgment to a deed, mortgage, ete., does not require a separate stamp, the acknowledgment be ing held a part of the instrument, and covered by the maker's stamp. He also decides that the filmo; or eertiflcate of record on the back reqaires a ten cent stamp.


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