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What The Slaveholders Say

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The following is from a correspondent of A 3 Charleston Mercury, Mr. Calhoun's orst n, and is fullv endorsed and commended l'! the Editor of thal paper. It will be 3een A it the Slaveholders do not in the least misbt ;e the meaning of a Liberty vote. Thereis th ogïc in itthat is entirely unambiguous. - m 'he sixty-five thousand men" who votet1 for ul ney are counled by Slaveholders as reaily tf3 earnest- os poseesaing 'a voice of thun r." It is also teen thnt our cause is otnvaid U i they must soon meet us. And what is ae ?ir determina'Jon? "Right or wrong, wc not inlcnd to surrender ovr ■prupertii"-- te ie very language of faced tyrants in 'd ïry age! w IT it were possible, it seems to me tliat v me of the politicians would lull us to sleep b the Abolilion qnotion. liut, thank God. it is not posíible. Sixty five tnousand t,0 ;n" (I he nbolition vote at the Prpsidential ection) "in the most exciting political cris-is ni our limes, discarding all party ties, and l' ncentrating themselves, with on enlhusiasm rdering on insanity, upon one qnestion - & led by as many women equally devoted, Q nst and will be heard. No power can ïke us deaf to them, as none can arrest their w ice of thnnder. Neither Congress, nor e Stn'e Leorislatnres, nor pubMc opinión, tl ir the Press, North or South, can check for moment the agita tion. lia course is onward d onward, to the entastrophe- io C ed and disunion. And we must. meet it, n hether we will or not. No Federal honors c] 11 screen the greRt Inen of the South- no aven cry of peacp, will screen the email su, or any man. And in my opinión the ti sis is very close at hand. C "Yon have seen the Abolition manifestó in jc e N. Y. Herald, (7th Jan.) written by , ,n Stf.waiit. Ours in reply should be very ort. ït is too late, (if it wns not from the C( ginninjr) to leoson with these nin. The p estion has become practical. We phon'd ;ny with all abstraction; throw philosophy, fl ilanthrophy, and all that to the winds, and ve them a practical nnswer. Let ns say - ë IVe own three millions of slaves. They are rr orth a 1000 millions of dollars. No motive, g imnn or divine, ever induced any people g ►luntarily to surrender a 1000 millions 1 dollars. Right or wrong, we do not n tpnd to do it. We wonld sooner part v ith nlj our political instituiions; nnd are (] !termit)f!d to riek our lives al?o, before we c ve up this property. If vou are resolved confíscate it, and are willing to shed your ood, come on.' The enrlier the question is ttled, the bel ter for all parties." This is hat T would say, if authorized to diplomatize ith the AbolitionistP. Whether they wil! P te as well as they bark, is donbiful; bnt I a el apsnrecl they will not stop 6hort of any c noraT' measurés, nnd that thy wil dissolvc ie Union at least, or conqner us."


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