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JNew York, Jan 21. Tho Liverpool Chgínber of Commerce adopted ihe resolution forgiving a suitable reception to the office rs of the first ship oovjlng f rom America with provihions íorthc distreseed operatives and to convey to the liberal donors their appreciation .of their generou9 and friendíy spirit. Thoy referred the aotion of the New York Chatnber regarding the Alabama to a special committee. Must of the English journals attaok the London Times with great bitterness, nnd indignantly repudíate its reeent advocaoy of slavery on scriptural groand. rJ'he Liverpool Post. thinks a reaction will take place, and confidence be lost in a Tournal whiuh unblushingly justifies slavery. Tlie London Army and Naví Gazelte sny8 the Confedérate Generáis have been ovei'praisej. Thoir great = trength has fceen to stand and fight. - Not one of the:n seems to have made a tampaiam with a parpóse. Nol ono las bad the capacity to underatand .he valué of victory, nnd oever followed )nc 11 p.


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