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The Snow Storm In Cincinnati

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The BBow {niiimenred totfall n Gin-cinnati on Wednesday evtjniug J;m. lith, and cotitinued tlimugh tliu nght ;ind next day, eompletely blocki:i_' "ip1 the streets. The markets aWd place of business were, deseited and the- street raHway companies were ob+tffeii t doublé tbeir teams. A car used (nf salting the track hut arranged with' snow plows to clear the truck, and drawn by six horsea, made the circuit onco or twico, vvhich, however, did not accomplitsh tftnch. The trains on u]t the railroads were beliind, and a i.nitiber dne did not arrivo. The eastern mails duo yestenlay morning arul last evfiiing failud to arrive. Dm-ing the iorenoon the roof of PaKace (i-arden, occtipied by tvvo eempanies of the Eighteenth 'Regulare, víüv are performing provost guard duty in the city, feil frorn the weiglit of snow upon it, crushingseveral soldiers, who were beneatb it ; küling two insiantly, and injuring several otliers. The largo roof over tho conl house' attached to the g:is works gave way with a crash under the heavy weight uf' the snow that had accumulaterl npon it. The roof was of iron, GG by 156 feet. Tho roois oí severa! othbr buildingswere crushed, but no lives were lost.' The deptb of snow on a level was abo ut two feet, and beiug moist it packed down readily. During the storm checkod up, and tho snow was accornpanied by rain. Tho river rose some eight ieet during theday.


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