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Wanted. A gooil g!rl to do house ivork. Inqtiire at the AEGUS OFFICE. HOUSE &LOT3 FOK. SALE! IWI-H to sel! mj house, with ncarly two lots oriaml frunting on limadway and running throuteh to Tuttle' Streef, in the Filth Ward. ïerms reasonable. S. B. McCRACKEN. Ann Arbor, Jan. 2C.1S63. FOR SALE. Q ACRES of excelcnt timbered land- tlieR. K of O" N. V. a of Seo 2. Town 5 N. Kan-e 3 V., Clintcnounty. itisinagood neighborhood, about fuur mi es from DeWitt anften from Lansin'. For terms inquire at or address, ARÜU3 OFFICE. Jan 2Oth,18-3. gsstf ATTE1NT1ON! THE CHEAPEST JEWELUY HOU.SE IN THE WORLD I ! 4,318 PiECHS or Awktbd for $50 A COMPI.ICTE List ,f ym Gold, Plated and Orei IX. Jowelry, sent lite. Address, „ „., A. SALISBURY, Age.vt. 6"'g83 Peovidknce, R. I.' THE PERFECTDN OF MECHANISM ! THE MAGICÍIME OBSERVËRr BEIXG . Hfhtiho ad Ott.s Fjce, or Ladv's or GExrLïsus'a WaicsCombikïd wjth Patent keit1VIND1XO I5II11OVK.MRNT. TbkNkw York Illushated Nm, tlie lcading p!ctorml pnperof the Unitd States, in t- issue of Jan. lOtli, 18 '3, on page 1-17 voluntarily aajs : 'We have boen shwn :t most pK-aning noveltj, of wuicli the HumABD Bis., „f this city, are the sole Impoitors. It s caJld il,e ■ IUgíc Tjme OaanTnt ' and is huntinï and oinface wateh combined. Thia is one of the pit ttiest, convenient, and decidediy the best and choa[iestinie piece'or general and reliable use, 'ever offereU. It lis wtthin it and connected witli lts maehinery, its ovnvii,.1ini attachment, renderin [ a key entirely unncceaary. The cases of this Watch are oompoMd of two tttalB, tbc outer one bein, line 16cara,tgóW. It lias te iraproved ruby action lever movement, iinii warmted an accurate" tnnepiece " I'rice, superbly engired, per case of a half dozen, ï-01 CO. Sample WaUes, in neat morocco boxes, for tliose proposing: to bujat wholehale, t;, sent by eitpress, with billpayabfem delivery. SoKüers must remit payment in advaio. as we cannot collect (rom those in the Armyi Airess, IIUBÜARn Bs. & CO., 8OLE Imi'Oütees, 6v888 Socth Cor. Njsac & Joh.v Sts. , New Yotk . CITY CO&PER SHOP. Tholede and Retail, O C. STAFFORD Would rospectfully anmncs to the citizens o( Aan Arbur an vicinity, tl t he is ïiovv iranufacturiuK and keeps constan tly on;;nil a Large Assortrarit of Cooper Work ! such as Poi'k and Cltr Barrels, K.egs, Firkins, ChurnÊ Well Bnckets, &c.,. Whieh wil] beold cheap for cash. Made to order on short otice. Itepairing done with ueatness and dispatch, I would cali partieul attention to Merchants in' want of ButtejFirkins I ammaimfaci urin the ?cw Yoik State !FIrklir which is ii better Kirkin an bas evt-r before boon offerod iathid markot. I oulti inviteaU irho Vrant Firkins to Cali and cxatne for tbemselvea Before purobaslng elsove, aaü I wiU coovince jou thatyou have cal]ed atieright place. 1 wouIJ al-so cali thettention of 'Brewera in want of BK E] KEGS, I am nor prepfcred to nuufacture Eights, Quartrs and half Ebls, in l.irge or fall lots, and of a Better Quality than can be had ia Detr, or t-lstuvhore. l-Ali worl warrantecl to give entire satis factio. Thaaklulfoï pist favornnd by n trlct attention to binimss. I liojip to moril continueci liberal suppl; of the public patronage, Jt$L, Do uot íurget tocíat the City Cooper Slirp. OJ. SPAFFORD. Detroit St, Ann Arliofilich. 8881 Ayer's Catiartic Pilis.


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