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We Are Indebted To Hon. J. J.

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RoBiso.v, of the Sonate, for Legislative documenta. jL5CT Jewelers should read J. A. Salisbury 's advertisement in another column. S'ST Prof. T. C. Abuot, of the State .Agricultural College, ia eutitled to our thanks for a copy of the Annual Report of the Secretary of the State Board of Agriculture. ZW O. C. Spaffokd, eity cooper, introduces himself to our readers iu auother column, and invites a share of their patronage. Oso is a good eoopor and vre feel safe in oommeading him to the public. J5S" We invite tlio caadid afctcution of all our readers, and espeeially of the Kepublican portiou of them, to the paper, " Where are we - and Wliere Driftiug?" frora the pen of a veteran Bepublican, Tiiurlow Weed, of the Albany Journal. It furnishes matter for serious refleetion. JJ3E" I" t'ie list f wounded officers reeeDtly arrived at Louisville, Ky., frora the battle field of Alurfrecsborois the name of Gen. Vancleve, brotlier of Judge Vancleve, of this city. We do not remeraber huving seen the nature of the General's wourid btated, but hope it is not serious. J53ÈT" An opportunity which seldom occurs, is now affjrded those desiring a good Watoh, at a low figure. Read the advertisement of tho " Magic Time Obsbrver," of which the Hubbard Bros., of New York, are the sole importors. - The " Magie " is roeeiviug the most fiattering comraendations of the Press. LS" Little Dolue Dutton, a young lady of fairy-like proportions, nearly 12 years old, 29 inches high, and weighing but 15 fts, gave levees in Hangsterfer's Hall on Wcdnesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings of this week. She geems healthy, is well proportioned, is active as a fairy, and dauecs and sings as well as larger and grosser specimets of humanity. She is niaking a tour of the State, and we coramend herto our brothers of the qidll. jL22T" Jacob Yandiswarkkr, of this city, has received informatioQ rendering it certain that his son George, a member of Cotnpany O, First Michigan Iufantry, ■was killed in the late battle at Fredericksburg. In the first reports do aocouut was gieen of Georoe, his name not appearing even among the missing, but mernber of the company who stood by his side reports him dead. The name of another brave soldier is added to the list of martyrs our city bas furnisbed. tW Hon. J. M. Grhoory, Saperinteudent of Public Instruetion, hae favored us witíi a copy of his report for 1862. Ia iis diseus8ion of the school system of the State, and its statistics of the schools, i"t is both an interosting and valuable document. The Superintendent states tliat the schools of the State, notwithstanding the agitated state of the country, are in a prosperous condition. We shall have occasion to extract from the report hereafter. Godeifs Lady's Book, for February, profusely and elegantly trabellished, and with a varied, readable, instructive table of conten ts, is on our table, It is such a number as Godey always gires, that is just such a number as bis hundred thousand lady admirers cali for, a magazine both of fashion and literature, fitted both for the work room and boudoir. S3 a year ; two copies $5 ; five copies $10. AddressL. A. Godey 323 Chestnut Street, Pbiladelphia. - Godey and the Argus for $3.50. L3T Philip Snydek, Esq., is announced to lecture bciore the Students' Lecture Associatio.ïi on Saturday, tomorrow cveniug. Ashe is comparutively unkuown to the leoture-goers of our city, we append following cominendation of his lecturo by Dr. Hollaiíp, in vvhose opinión we 'have great coufideace : Sprinosield, Mass., July 29, 1862. Püilip Snydeb, Esq.: - Deak Suï : I have just rapidly read your lecjture entitled " Winter Suenes od the ft Ie." and I have found it very interesliog. Add to these words the ]ivin,g vüice of him who wrote thein, and one could hardly ask for bettnr matcrials forthe enjoymeut ofan cvening. Everybetiy loves traoch, uud everybody who is !lJ_irested in tnivcls is intercsted io his 'eler. ♦ Tlic story told well fTHo:"tbut bc eifoctive, and I trust that ii!.rSpï-v Ijyoeuuis wi'l llilve the good taste fitiiaadgood sense to iusure ts recital and fitt' requital. Baihoadl am yours truly, UDtc J G. HOLLAND. L2L" Subb:ith School Cönventiori for the Ann Arbor district, M. E. Clmrch, is called to be held at Dexter on Tuesday ánd Wednesday, Feb. 8d and 4th, the exercises of. which will consist of essays and brief addiesse3 by the elergymen of the district and others upon topics assigned them. A Sftbbath School Concert will take place on ïuesday evening. L3L Petersoris Magazine, for February, briugs anotlier beautiful RedRidiog Hood, piotura for tho little folk's, and for the larger ones inurierous fashion and cmbroidery plates, with a very readable table of conteuts. The publishcr seems detorniined to keep up lus end, and at the old prico. $2 a yoar ; three copies $5 ; eight copies 10. Address CtiAKLEs J. Peïekson, 306 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. %3gT The Januaiy nutnber of the Eclcctic Magazine com-:s to our table richly freighted both in the art and literary dof artments. There are ■ two full page engravings, " Cardinal Wolsey and the Duke of Buckingham," and " Cromwell dissolviug the Long Farlianient," the forraer from the burin of Saktain, and the lattcr from that of Periné, and both real gems. The contents inelude twentyeight papers besides the table of Miscellanies, selectcd from twelve of ihe leading English periodicals, and embracing artielea of value as well as interest. Among them are Napoleon and Napoloonism, Icehmd and lts PheDOmena, Colossal Vestiges aud Kuins, Il'usions and Halluoinations, Richard Co3ur:cde-Lion, Life in the deep Sea, Science and Arts, and the Aurora Borealis. The Ecleotic is rightly named aud gives the subscriber thrce volumes yearly of permauent interest. 5 a year, to be uereasod to $5,50 after the issue of the April number, and $6 after the issue of the June numher. Address W. II. Bidwei.l, 5 Beekman Street, New York.


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