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BOOT SHOE U. B. CGLE, Buoo&ASOT to Moore & Loom ís ) bas oponed a store Íd e FRANKLIN BUILDINGS, I íam streüt, Ana Arbor, and lias on htind a large x soitment of B0OÏ8, SHOES & RUBBERS, ; manufacturad from the bost niatoriu.1 and warrantefl to give .sat.s!':ictiuii( eonsisting of MEN'S KIP, CALF AND THICK BOOTS, DOÜBLE SOLED, , MEN-S BUI FALO OVERSHOJSS, of all descnptions. jLi-A-XDIES GAITEBS, Worocco Bootees, Balmoruh, Fell Ovcrshoe!, and Rubbers. Alsn, i Soy's Kip, Calf & Tliick Boots, together wifh a vnriety of CHILDKEN & YOUTH'S SHOES. I nm alflO Manufactnrlng WARRANTED BOOTS & SHOES. , Men's Fine Frenfth CalJT líooís Peg-ged mul Sewed. Givo mea cali beforo purcbasfog elsewhere. I will sell my nooilíi cheap for ca;;h. REPAIIUNG NEATLY DONE AND OH SHORT NOTIOE. N.B.COLE. Anii Arbor, Jan. 13th, 1863. 8b7tf ' WONDERFUL BUCCEBS. The attention nnd research of tbo must , tinguished Chemists aml l'hysicians lor years have been dovoted tu the productiojl of a remedy for tlüse mostdiatressing maladies NbukaLOU and RBWUAI.SM. After long study and many experimenta, a specfic prepararon has heen discoveren . Vv ATSON '8 Neuralgia íinií, an Inumal liemr.dy, 3 curintf thousands of cases 1 rhere'all otlier remedies liave utterly faUed. We are i assured that t is no mere ■' ANODYNE," reheving fur the mnment while tbp cause remains, but is a perfect SPEC1FK and CURE for those painful diaeases. The vast number of Liniincnts, Embrucaucns nnd Kxtetnil Medicines, whieh actas gtimulanta of tlie surlace cnly, are merely temporal y n tlieir elfects and cf doubtful virtue. The NEURALUIA KIN'G reachea the souice of all trouble, and elïectually banishes the disease from tfae BfBUm; Trice- Uno Dollar per Dottle. Prepaved by C. R. WALKER, Iy887 Buffalo,N Y., anu Fort lirie, C. W. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN' to the members of "The Washtenaw Matual Fire Insurance Company " that a special meeting of said Company wilí be held at the Cuurt House in the City of Ann Arbor, on HUÍSDAY, the27th cay of January, 1863, at 11 o'clock, A. M , ior tlie purpose of takintrsuch measures and adopt. ng resolutions as may be deeiïvd necessary for the closingup of the affatrs and busine-is of said Comjjany, with .- view to the organization of a new Company un der a revised charter. By order of the Eoard of Diiectors, W. K. WALÜRON'.Sec'y. Dated, Ann Arbor, Jan. 10, 1863. GOLD, CANADA MONEY, SILVER -ANDDEMAND TREASURY NOTES, Bought at the highest rates, by MILLER, DAVIS AND VVE3STER, BAKKERSANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN. Aun Arbor, Dec. 21st,1832. 5w885 All Loss es prompt ly adjusted MERCHANTS'IÑSÜRANCE CO., OF HARTFOED, CONN. Cash Capital, $200,000. Total Assets, Jan. Is1 , 18C2, $23T,S8T 05 Liabtlities, .... 1.834.09 MARK H0WABD, President. E. Tnos. Loüdei-l, Secy. The undersigned has been appcinted Agent for the aoove reliable Company, and will effect insurance Josses by fire at reasonablc rates. .1. W. KXIGIIT. Ann Arbcr,June2, 1862. 855tf A FEW THINGS I want to dispose of : A Yoke of Oxen. A San of Horses. Harncsa anl Wagon, A goud youno; Horse. A good Mare for work or breecÜDg. A pair two year old Colts. A ueAv Lumber Wagon. A good Lumber ffaijon, second hand. An assortment of old wagons. A few CITY LOTS. A few improved Parma. Anyandall tlio above pröperty, for sale very cheap for Cash or on time. WILLIAil S. MAYNARD. New Years, 18G3. 8e5w4 SM O T IE .'Ö M ' ■ TO THE PUBLIC! GW. BAKKER, M. I)., ia the only nuthorized fifÖOt - t'j Heil in Washtenaw conntv, The Pictonal IIi-,foi-y of the War for the Union, by'Mrs. Aja S. Ötephens, assisteil by J..T. (iolder, Esq.; Ibe imost grapblo, comIIete, and reiiable work wll be writtan on thi present war. It will be publilu.l in twq rojal octavu m1s, 49fi paaes to each volume. Eubtanlially bound, nd t'l(.-g;tnfly embelisbed witb over a0O i 11 ast rabona, ineínding elerrant life like portraita of iiil the Military and N'aval Héroes, by the best artista in the country, together witb a complete cbronological record of every event, in the order of its QQCurrenoe, omhing one of the most Ruperb productions cf tfae age. suitablc to adorn the centre table, and a valu.ible addition lo every Übrary ín the country. Sold by Rubscrlptlon only - by the umlersigned -who is now cunvassintj tbia county. 4wR84 a. W. BRKEIÏ. FAIRBANKS' Jr Standard fl."3 -; AUo, n'arehjuse Trucks, Letter Faii-ïanks, Greenleaf & Co., 172 I.ake Street, Chicago. Pnld in Detroit by PA111S M & SHELY. JIS-Be careful to buy only the genuino. "öl 8SSyI Whcieaa my wüe Barbara Bhim has left my bed nml boarrl, without a-.iv novnration on inv part, 1 l:ercbv caution all persons noi to trust her ou itiv account, a'a I shall pay nn debts contracted by her afti-r fhis day. JOHN' BU'M. Ann Arbor, Dec 16,1862. 3,S83 üuctioneers Moiice. BYROMliRKKN, havin,' applied for a license, aow holds himsell in readinean to al ten, 1 to all calis: Having btul exjiei iii's-, liéis poAltive he can give good satisfaction. All cal.s prODiptl; atteudei] to. Chai ges le&sonable. Apply at the Franklin House. JÏYRIIM (3REEN Ann Arbcr, Oct. 24, 1PT.2. frótf DWBLLHG FOR SAI-B : IP YO1T wish r.o buy a good two. story brieli dwellins, convenient to the bosinroü pan of tlie City, sroimdf and yards woll stocled with cboice Fruit of all kinds, pples. Fear-i, Pencbes Plnnis, RnFpbeiriet, Ornriment;il trnes, Shruliber} , !ie.,&c., ïnquire jit the Mot. 34, 1Í63. ABGÜS OFFICE. Moncy to Lend. r Oi FÜRN-ISH M0W6V on sonable (erms and I long time on good Fairu seeurity. ' Ë. M-,MORfïN Ann Arhf r, Jlr ?. lrt'5. u-jfiii


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