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THE REBELLION H OX HIGH PRIGËS-PpR CLOTHING, HASCOMMENCEDATTIIË OLO & RELIABLfc C L O T H I N G EMPORITTM ! No. 3 PIICENIX BLOCK, MAIN St. r AM n ow oponinsj a large and variad assortment of SfD&g&ndSummarGoods, and in view of the rebell(oq on btgh pïleos pene-rally, will oiïrthem toniy frieuds audcustomers at the very lowest figures for Cash.- f Thosein want of a superior article of Cloths, Cassi f merca, ur Ready-Made Clothing, -will cali onWM. WACNER, wlio has ju$t returned from the East, with a largo amortpaftnt of SPRING & SU MM ER GOODS 1. which have been purchaseU at the late LOW PEICES! 3, and can offer them at a lower figure than evir before. Among my Assortment may bo found 5, BROADCLOTHS, „ CASSIMERES, 6 DOESKTNS, 7 VESTINGS g of all descriptions, togethrr with a superior assortment of llcady-Muflo OloJlllng, 9 iMs S, yvTRÜXKS, CARPET BARS, JBSBlienllemen's Foratiéíng 1 GrOODB, i with numpions otlier articles usually found in similar establishmcnts, A an jj( EMPORIUM OF FASHION, the wubriber ilattershimsolf. that hia long experience and gentralsuccess, will onable him to give the greatest , saUál.iction toall who may trust him intheway ol (( Manufaoturing Garraents to order. ld WM. WAGtfER. ?' AnnArbor, Aplil 9th 1862. 848if j." THE EOOTS AND THE LE AVES WILL be for the Healiig of the Nations. BibU. 3". Xj-SrOÜNTiS, vi THE GfEAT ANU CEIÍBRATED PHYSIC1AH of the TllliüAT.LUNGS, HliART, LIVfcB AND THE BLOOD, ILnown all over the country as the CEI.RniiATRD IKTXJIAHST HEKB DOOTOK I Of '82 Superior Street, Cleveland, Ohio, Will vUit the f olio ving places, viz AI'OIN'TMENTSFORlSe'i, 1863 and 1SC4. Prol R. J. Lvons can be consuíted at the following places tvery month, viz: Detroit, Hussel House, each mooth, 18th wnd 19 th. Aun Albor, Monitor House, each month, 20lh. Jackson, li.bbaifl House, ettch month, 21, Adriiin, Bfacket House, each month 2'2dand23d. Toledo, OhiOjColhns House, each month, B4ta, 25th, and Qíith. Hillsdale, Miuh. , Hillsdale House, each month, 27th. I Cold water, Mich., Soutnern Michigan House, each momh, 28th. Elkhart, EiUhtirt House, each mooth, 29th. a Boath Und, lnd., St. Jo. Hotel, each month, 30. La porie, lnd., Tee Garden, each month 31st. ' Wooster, Ühio, Crandull Kxchange, each month, 7th andSth. -kuiiiiifcld, Obio, Wiler House, each monlh, 9th and lOth. - Mt. Vernon, Kenyon House, each raonth, llth and lStb. Newark, Ohio, Holton House, each inenth, 13th and . Mth, Painesville, Ohio, CowIpr House, each month, 4th i;LKVl'.hANi), OHIO, nKSiltENSK ANU OFFICE, 282 SUPERIOR STIÏEET. L East of the public square, opposïte the PoatofRce. Ofüce days each month, lst, 'ad, 4th, 5th, 6th, 15th. - Office houra from 9 A M. to' 12 M, and from 2 I'. il. U 4 1'. M. OnSundayfrofai 9 to 10 A. M.,aud 1 to 2 P. M. J ÍJ"Miixims strict) y adhered to- . I rive such balín as have no strife, With nature or the las of üfe. With blood my hands ï never staln. Nor poison men toease their pain. He is a physidan indeedf wko Cwe. The Indian Herü Ioctor, K. J, LYUNS, cures the fol i _ lowfng oompiajata in the most obstinate stages of their exLstcnce, viz: Díaeasea of the Throat, Lungs, Heart, I.iver, Stomach , Dropsy in the Chest, Rheumatiam, Neuralgia, Fits. ( or Faliing Sickn(ss,andall other nervous deraugements. Als o all d sea se -i of the blood , such as Scroi'nla, Krysipe elas. Cancera, Fover riores, Leproay, and all other coin:e plicated clirouic complaints. 1 All forms of lemale difüculties atiended to with the hapjiiest resulta. lt Ea hoped that no one will despair of a cure until _ they have RÍtbd the Indian Herb jJoctor's Medicines a fair and failhínt trial. ügDuring tlie Doctor't travels in Kurope, West Indies, South America, and the United átales, he lias been the instrument in God's ■ hand. to restore lo health and vigor thousands who we re given up and proniunced incurabTe by the most eminent old school physicians; nay, tuorp, thouands who were on the verge of the grave, are noff living inoi.umnts to the Indien Herb's Doctor's sUill and succestsful treat men t, and are daily exclaiming: "B'esned be theday when first we saw and partook of the Indian Herb Uoctor's medicine." í-atisfactory re fert'ccesof cares will be gladly and checrfully given w henever required. The Doctor pledges hi.- word and honor, that he will in no wiae, directly or indirectly, induce or cause any invalid to take híri medicine vithout thestrongest probability of a cure. iLÈT Mode of examination, which is entirely different 6 from the faculty. Dr. I-yoji profe.ssea to discern diBeases by tho eye. He therefore asks noquestions, nor dueshe require patleotsto expíalo symploms. (.'uil one and 1.11, uid have thesymptoms iind location of your disease expía ined free of charge. Ï.The poor shall be liberally considered. 4Po8tofflce address, box 2063. R. J. LYOXP, M H. . Cleveland, Ohio, Nov. 25. 1SC2. ■ ly?80 t Tcbacco! Tobacco! I AM SKLLING ' GOOD FINE CUT CHEWING TOÍ BACCO f At from Fifi y cents to SI -per pound. t SMOKING TOBACCO, 0 From tenista 20 cents per pound at y rctail. M. DEVANY. Aon Arbur, Mich., Du 17, 1862. 883tf m Agent foi the Phoenix Insurance Company OF HAUTFORD CT., ANDTIIE ; CONWAY INS., COMPANY OF BOSTON MASS.Lo838 Hon .rably adjustM and promptly pniil nt thia Agcncy. Office Comer Main und Hurón Strest, over the Storo ut'BACH & I'ikkson, Ann Albor. "l nn Arbor, Sept.n, 1862. 1 v j Transes ! RUm'RK CAN' IK CURED I!V A TRfSS „f tU riglit Uind, f pr.iporly lioted and duly attendwl ti. This has bden abunilantly deinonstrated in innúmera ble''H l.y the ue of tlie Alultlpcdal Trust of Dr, Rigzs, iirintt the liut few ynars. This Trusa being; coveied witn II mi Rubber, is pirfeeily waterw proof, may be used in bathing, and ís ahvayo creanlj as _ well a in ti-itnictiblc by ordinary viagp. lf not hátiscl factory after a fi%lr Jfríal ol' sixty days, it inav be rt - ,a turned. Jt chaUeugts compariBün with uiiv truss known. Dr. EIÜGS' ufflce, No. 2 1URCLAY Street. NewYork. 886tf Howard ÜLssociation. s rillLADELPIllA. 'n Fmthe rclirf oí the Str.l; and Dístretfccd, affictrd lh r and C'ironic Diaeases, and esprr.ially for Ikt Curr.of Diñases oftlie Sexual Oi,is, MEIWCAI, ADVÍCE gíven gratis, by tho Surgeor.. VALUABIjE RSTORT8 on Spcrmalorrliea,nd otbH DÍM'ascB of the Sexual (Irgans, and on the XKW REMEDIES eiaployed in the Dingen sary,awit in sealed letsel onvelope, frea oL charge. Turo or thrct stamp fot postiigoaocoptahle. AddredR, Dr. J. SKILIJN HÖL'GH TON, HowaH AsodattOB, No 2 8. Ninth Ft , Pipi. iJlphls,P, ï60j]


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