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RIS DON & HENDERSON I3C,-vro lliö BUCIS.BY23 G RAI SM DrIlL, and Gxass Seed Sower, ■ Ml Manufactured nt Springfiekl, Ohio. i TIIEVERYLVrESTIWPROVEMFNT, and betterthan '" all others; athipied to Bovvfu Wbxut, ltye, OatA, n Barïey anüürass Seeü. , lst. lt has a Rotary Feeder. 2d. Will sow all kinds of O rain [j and Grass Seed. 2d. JVever bunclies the Grain ith. liever Ireaks the Gain. 5th. Sows Grass Seed hroadcast lehindihe Drill. GtJi. Has high wheels and long Hoes. ' th. Has loruj and wide steel points. JjJ 8th. lt has a land measure or Surveyor. n 9tA. It has doublé and single rank ü' drills. [ .OtA. lt has a self adjasti'.ig s7iut off , ilide. w it is neatly and substantially ma3e, Thcre Í9 hardly a Drill offered in tho market but can n oast of molo or lesa f- "FJBST PBEMIUMSr C( 'hey are about as indiscriminately bostowed aa the title C( f ' Iröfestar," which is sometimos jipplied to the iJiddleri' or ' hootblack." Tbey cease to convey the -: dea of merit. ir The BuckeyeDriJI has beun on Exhibition at quite a lumber ot' State dnd County Kaiis, and without seeking D] avor at the handa of any Coinmittee, has received lts 'uil share of Premiums. D TESTIMONIALS : B T We give the followmg name? of a few Farmers ín th's SI ■icinity wjo have büught and used tlie Euektye Drill Godfrey Miller, Scio. , Jacob Polbemus " Jacob Trpmper, ' ir Thomas Wbile, Northfield. „ John Brokaw, " " Christian Kapp, " p Kdward lïoyden, Webster. Jumes Treadwell, AnnArbor, Hnuiel ü'Hara, " ' g John G. Cook, Lorji. O. A. Marshall, " J L. Kdmons, Saline. q Geurge Cropsey, Green Oak, Liv. Co, We are alao Agents for the G C Ohio Reaper & BSower, F acknowleöged te be the very beat in uae. C, "We are just in receipt of t 100 Grain Oradles Whicli we will sell ciieap. J Also alargeassortraent o ■ G-rass And the largest and best selected stock of BENT STUFF1 FOR CARRIAGES ever before offored in tbis marlet. We also keep a large aud full NAILS, GLASS, PUTTY, PAINT, and I.INgEEI) OIL. A complete assortment of STOVES, TINWAKE, AND EAVE TR0UGH3 alwa ys on hand ant] put up attlie shortest notice. IÏISD0N S: HEKDERSON. AnnArbor, June 29th. 1862. P59tf ■BBiimMini!nimmBi!ii!mreiii!iwrwKiniimimiinïrnn!!i!nBniii D. BLISS Woiïld take this method of informing liis old frleods and patroDS and all others v.ho niay favor him vvith their patronage, tljat he has greatly enlarged his Stock and Assortment ! aud having adopted the CASH SYSTEM BOTH IN BUYING & SELLING I preparcd to sell Goods at Hanona Ijle Jt-"i;ioeiS, His sloek conslöto in pait ol the foliowing: c-y AMËRIÖAN AND OT1IER . "Watches l SEá&májí SETH THOMAS CLOCK! Fine Jewelry Selts GOLD CÍIAINS, TABLE AND POCKET CUTLERY ! i'azors, Plioars, ?cisor nml Brusiie., RflüKRÍ PLATEO VjLRE, the beat to mrket, Gold Pens, Steel Pens, Pencils, PAPER and ENviSLOPES, Musical Instruments, Strings Sf Boolis for Instrument, of Güldt SUver, Steel, and Plaftd, loith PERISCOPIO GLASS, a superior urliele. I'ccsoTis hayiog rliïïu'.ult watohea to flt with glaeses enn be accoraudateü, us ny stock ia Iaige and com plets, P. S. Particular k&esUon totiie of uil kinds of fine Wtoh&, auch as Making and Setting new Jewels, YiiUons Suijfa and Cylindtr. Aho 1 CLOOKS, Sc TE'SATEXiï"' neatly ïcpaired and 'w&r-unted, at liis old standeabt ■ Bide of Main Street . C. BLISS. Aun Arlvr, $Y. M, l&CS S20tf A.yerTs Chervy Pectoral


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