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Little Girls

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"We are glad to seo that popular writ ersare turning their atteution to children. Iiere is a very sensible paragraph about romping : Never punish a girl for being a romp, but thank Heaven who has given her health to do so. It is better tüaii a distorted spine or a heetio cheek. Little girls ought to be great roraps - better than paying doctor's bilis for tbem. - Where is the gymnasium that should be attaohed to every school ? That is coming, too, like other improvements. An English writer has some good and ttne remarks : The pleasures of children are very real, although to gro'wn up peoplo tbey may scem simple. Among the most noticeable of these pleasures are mich petty amusementa as sliding down a grass slope, spoiling dresses by gathering blackberries, taking out tlie iuside of a dolí, and burying a dead bird with a full funeral service. These are the purBuits, half naughty, half good, which strike heme to the fibers of a ohildish heart, and whieh are ruthlessly forbid, by the substitution of unraeaning finery, old talk and domestic discussions. It is pleasant, as Horace remarks, to be silly on a proper occasion, and these follies of ehildhood are as sweet as anything can be tü the natural infant.


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