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A Spanlah Writer calis the English a nation of serpents, because tliey hiss so in their speech. Thefolluwiug is a short poem without the letter S.: " O ! come to-night ; for naught can chartn The weary time vvhen thou'rl away. 0! come; the gentle moon hath tlnown O'er bnwer and hall her (jnivering ray. The heather-bell hath mildly flung, From off her fáiry leaf, the bright And diamond dcw-drop that, had hiing Cpon that leaf - a geni of llght. Then come, love, como ! " To-night the liquid wave hath not, Illumined by tne Djooultt beam Playing apon íhe lake beneath, Like frolic in as autumn dream - The liquid wave hath not, to-night, In all her moon-lit i ide, a fair Gift like to Iheni that on thy lip Do brealhe and laügh, and home it there. Then come, love, come ! "To-nsht! to-night! my gentle one, The flower-bearing Amra tree Do!h long with fragrant moan, to meet The love-lip of the honey-bee. But not the Amra tree can long To greet the bee at evening light, With huif the deep, fond love I long To meet my Ñama here to-night," Then come, love, come ! "


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