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We have read through about a dozen colmns of legislative proceedingsin the Detroit apers, but can find httlc matter for our 'eekly synopsis that will interest our readers. In the House, the bilí to incorpórate the ilphadelphia Association was favorably tti orted tipon by the majority of the te se; but the minority dissented, Ist Because p( Lssociations of this character, in their j 5n, tend to sap the foundation of society. - a :d Because if said Association should be sucessful in ils operaüons, with the capital :d, it would in a great measure control the s gricultural, rnanufacturing and commercial " ntereets of the State, and wield a powerful n nfluence in its politics, which coould hardly be t ;ontro!led by the people. 3d Because there i is in this State sufficient individua) enterprise j '.o carry on every branch of home industry and ;ommerce that is needed by the people of the State; and such enterprise should never be )ronght in competition with wealthy charterjd Associations. 4th Becaiise it is contrary ;o every democratie principie to créate a n ■ jorporation to do wliat individual en'erprise is t; tble and willing to do; On 2 petitions from Oakland and Kalama500, for the abolition of capital punishment; ;he com. reported that the whole subject is so ivell undefstood that they are absolved from my nocessity of expressing their views; to est th'e sense of the House, they reported a jill to abolish capital punishment. The billtoprovide for the extensión of the ; Central Railroad' to St. Joseph, paseed the Senate by a vote of 13 to 2 - also anothèt to pxtend the Southern Railroad to Coldwater by a similar" vote. . Mr. Littlejbhii, from the Judiciáry Corrímittee, reported back the Hönse bill to modify the License laV, which was read a third time 1 andpassed. So that the bill will becofne a law when signed by the Governofo1 The Report of Mr. Littlejotírf agaihst ! enninl Sessions has beeri published by the Senate. The propositlon was that Reprééént atives should be chosen for two years and Senators for four, and sessions of thé Legislature should be held every other year. it appears from the report that nnnual sessions are held in 2S;States, and biennial in Tennessee, Illinois ond Missouri. In Tennessee it ha6 been customary tö hold an extra sessibn each altérnate year. The' cotömittee argue that such would be thè result with' Us, or if not, that tlie biennial sessions woiild1 bé rhuch longer than annual ones, and thus notbirfg would be saved in economy: that the appointmg power of the Executive would be largely increased; that the change proposed isa radical one, arrd ought not to bo made unlëss by a State Corivention called for that purpose; and that altecations of our fundarhental law should not be mnde at nW'unless for "the removal of some pfessing evils or irfiprovementfe of pr'me necessity. "


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