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The Age Of Man

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Few men die of age. Almost all persons dio of disappoiotmeutj passionil, qaeulal, or bodily toil, or accident. The passions kill men Hometimes oven suddenly. The corampn expression, " choked with passion," has lítele exaggeration in it, for even though pot sudlenly fatal, strong passious ghorten ife. Strongbodied men often die young - weak men live longer thun the e'.roDg, for thestrong use their strength, and the weuk have nonw to use. The alter tuke care of tbemselves ; the atter do not. A.s it is with the body so with the ii'ind and temper. The strong are apt to break, or, lika the oandte, run ; the weak burn out. The mf'eiior aoimals whieh live températe üves have generally their prescribad term of years The liorse lives twenty-five years; the ox tif een or twentv; He lion ubout twentv; the hog, ten or Ewelve; the rabbit cight ; the Guinea pig híx or neven. The numbers till baar proporción to the time the animal takes to grow its i'ull nyj But man, of all animáis, is the one that seldom comes iip to the average, lie ouglrt to live a hundred, according to this pbyeiologipal !;nv, {or five times twenjty are ohe nunared ; bat instead of that, he scaroely. reauhes ji aserage of fcur limes the growing period. The roason is obvidus - man is not only tlio mGst laborious and liard vvorkud of all ani i mals Heisalways thejnost irritable of al! anitijals, and there s reaspn to believe, though we cannot teil what an ; animal sècretly feeisj that, more thun. any other aai mal, man cherishes wrath to keep it warm, and consumen hiinself with the üie oí bis own i tion. jfcrÜHr A ministor prayed fervontly for those of his congrega tion who wero too proud too kueel aud too lazy to stam!. - ÍJ-2ET ''o lesa a wiiter knows of a eubjeot, the more iuk he uses in telling it


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