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The fullowiog resolutions were introduced in the House on the 22d nat. by Mr. Pratt, of Calhoun, representing a comrnittee of the Legislutive minority, and may be, taken is defining the position of the Demócrata in the Legislatura : Wtereat, A large portion of the citizens of this country, North and South, forgetting the enlarged natijnal patriotism, and repudiating the teachings and waruings of' the Fathers ot the Republic, have been led, by appeals to local and seetional prejudice, to tbe ayowal of sentiment, and the organizador) of parties, sectional in their oharacter and tendeney, and caloulated to array one portion of the Union against the other, by whiub the people have become alienated in foei ing; and WAereas, This sectionalisrn has produced the aggravated feeling in tbe public mind whieh has brought upoa the country the present deplorable war, involvmg all olaasses in iis conseqnences, and Cülling upon ;ill loyal ciüzeus to sustain the government in every legitimate and constitutional efiort to suppress the rebeüion, and give peace to the country ; aud Wiereas, We cannot bopo for peace, unity and prosperity while harboring sentiment iniruical to such peace, unity and prosperity, acd which such seclionul ft el ing and par ,sun organization produces; therof'ore Resolved, by the House of Representatives (the tienate vuncurrïng), That this war, thus brought upon the nation, having lts louudation in the sectional sentiment of partisan leaders to obtain political power, may be protraoted to the mutual destruction of both sections, unless arrested by a return to the conciliatmg and patiiotic views of the founders of the government, whose poliücal philantbropy embraced the whole Union, wiih 110 Norih or South, East o ■■ West, but all the States, and all. the seetious of the country, without regard to local d fFerencus of opinión and inutitutioiis ; it is our duty, divesting ourselves of the prejudioes the err ips of the past have created, to proclaim to our loyal brethren of the South, and their exeked neighbors, deceived and ruisled into the support of the rebellion by their sectional leaders, that our great object in a determined :üd vigoroOa proseoution of tbe war is rhe restoration of the Unie and tha presorvation of the constiiution, with the rights of all the States under them is recognized by those who firat organized the govarnment. Resolved, That, with this end in view, while we accept the present condition of aft'aivs as they aiv, aoknon'ledging our duty to ei'Btain the government and our armies in the field, with putiiotic devotion, under the constitution and the Uws, and to oppose the divisi ;n oí the Union under auy and all circum-itances, and the destruution of the coni-titution under any pre-text, it is the duty of each seotion to commence trio a;reat work of restoring the Union by lielf-retorrn, by inculoating sentimenta of peace, unity and good will, without which union is imposwilde. and by thu repeal of al local or State law hos'.ile in spirit or purpose to tho Union and oonstitution. Resolved, That the numerous arrests, without cotnplaint .or procesa of law, caused by the President of the United Stares, oí loyal citizens of loyal States and the arbïtrary suspensión oí the urit of habeas corpus, wherecourts are devoted lo the Union and have ever been faithtul to the constitntion and laws, cons'.itutes a most highhaoded and dar ing assumptiou of power, which is without a par. allel in the hlatory of conetitutional governments and dangerous to the oonstitutioual liberty of the American people; and that the incarceration of citizens en arrested in filthy an j unbéalthy forte and prisons, distabt from their homes iincl friends, without examination or trial, consti tutea a di'greo of remorseJess cruelty more belitting the character of a Tuikish despot than a President of the American Eepubüc. Resolved, That the emancipador) proclamation of the President on the lst of January, 1863, is unauthorized by the constitiition and laws of tha land, and is, us a war moasure, not only UDWise, but in itK natural tendeney of the most evil and pernicious conseqoènces, being direotly calculated, Ist, to forevër aliénate tho loyal feelings of every Union man ir, the seeediug Stutes; 2d, to diaw ultunately the border ulave Si atv s out f the Uaion ; 3d, to more effei-tnaüy unite and exaspérate the Bouthern pe,.[le who are alreadv arrayed in arms against us, and hus proernstinate the bloody intestino war that is noiv desolating the country and deetroying the live of our people; and, 4th, to exci;e insurVectiona afüd merciless massacrus of innocent woineD and childrun by the blaoks of tho South. Resolved-, That the patriotic ;.nd gallant Michigan soldiere, who voluntarily leit their homes and Prienda for the tented fields in def'ense of the oonstitution and Union, have e.ovored theniselves with iruperiskiiibjo L?l'ry, and that we ehall ever po!nt ló Uieir ileeds of noble daring on tlie many b'.oody fields ot buUle_, wilh the mingled feelings of national pnde and pr;;yerful gratitudu. Resolved, Tliat copies of the foregoing preamble and rosoluiiona be forwardod to our Senators and Ropresentalives in Congres?, and to the Govuruors oí the. several State?, as an expres pion of our readinesH to regard the rigbts of the people of all the States as we recogniza and regard our own. nntl finí' wlihorronee f f llootlslied be iwecii brethren ui ilio s iinu nutionu] fiimity, to remtidy reul ttr maginary e vil, uhirh c:ui he: b'o seU'ecl ly chidpromiso, and ih ■ ciMinci'ls of pernee in the Union nul under tho nnstitliüoo, lor the pi'öseiwiilion oï whteh, with :ill 1he pi vilo i; es they o.onfcr, tliu war is pfosetföted l loyal pooplo oí tl country.


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