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General Rosecrans' Address To His Army

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As part of the liistory of the battld uf 8 tone River, tho folio wiug iddress ol Major General ltosecrans to the army, on tliu ïiioniing of the 3!st December, after severo skiruiishing throughout thü prevïmis day and pending the great battle of the b'lsf, will bc found iuterestiug : " ífíinacAETiSa } DïPiRTMESi uf Tru; Cdjidkrlasd, I.f FttOS t 01' MuBFUEJSiüOUO, DjC. 31, 'dl. ) " The General oomininiliug desires to Biy to the Boldiéra of tlio Army oi' the Cuinberland ihat h well p!ü:iscd with tbeir cooduot yesteruny. It wa3 uil that ha oouid h-i.vo wistiod f'or. Hu iieithor saw nor beard of' any skulking. Thoy bchaved with tha ooolnoas and gulSmtry of veteraos. noiv fucls perfectly oonfideut, with God's gracu and thoir help, of stnking this d.iy a blow for tha country, tho most crashiiig, por hi ps, whioh Iho rebellion L'jis yet sustaiued ? boldiere ! the eyea oí thte whole nation are upon jóa ; lbo vory fa of the ïiation may be said to Innig on the issues of this day's bíittle lio trut', thou, to : yourselves, truo to yoor oivn ruanly hariiotcr sou soldierly reputation ; true to the lovu of your dear ones at homo, whosu prayers aseand thisd.iy to God tbr your saooegs, Ee cool. I noed not ask you to bo bravo. Kiiep ranks. Do not throw away your tin?. Fire slowly, deliberately - ubovo all, fire low - and be always sure of your aïra. Close readily in upoa the enemy, and reben you are with'm charging distance, rush upon hini v?ith the bayonet. Do tliis, and "iotorv itíII certaiuly be yours. lleeolluot that there ara hardly any troopa in the world that will stand a biiyonet charge, and that thuse who make it, tlierefore, are sure to win. " By commandof " GENE R-.VL ROáECRANS."


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