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Gen. Braggs Address To His Army

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Hbadquaktkhs Akmy of Texxessee, ) Winchester, Jan. 8, 18133. ) Soldiers of the Army of Teonessee : Your gallant deeda havo won the ad miration of your General, your gover ment and your country. Fcr myself I thank you aud tm proud of you - for thein I tender you the gratituda and praisa you have so nobly won. In a campaign of hss than one month, in tho face of winter, your nchievemflftts have been unparalleled. You have oap tured more thaa ten thousand prisoners, taken and preserved tliirty pieoes of artülery and seven thousand small arms, in addition to many fhousands des'.royed. You have besides captured eight huudred wagons, loaded chiefly with supplies, which have been destroyed or brought safely to your linos, and in pitched batles you have drivcn tlie enemy beforo you, inflicting a loss at least three to one greater than you havo eustainod. In retiring to a stronger position without molestation froni a superior foroo, you have left hiin a barren field in which to bury his hosts of slain, and t rally and recupérate liis shattered tanks. Cut off from his government both bv rail and telegraph, aud deprived of supplies by l'he iiiterruption of his comtnunioations, we shallyet teaeh hun a se veré lesson for the ra-ihness of penetrating a country so hostile to bis causa Whilst the infantry and artillery def3' hiin iu front, our invincible cavalry will assail hiin in flank and rear until we goad htm to another advaace onJv to moet auother signul defeat. Your General deplores, in comtnon with you, the loss of your gallant comrades who have fallen in our recent confliets. Let tlieir memories be enshrined in your hearts, as thcy will ever be tenderly eherished by tlieir countrymen. Let it be yours to avengo their f.ite and proudly to einulate tíieir deeds. llerneiuber that your face is to the foe, and that on you rests the defensa of all that is dear to freemen. Soldiors ! tho proudest refleotion of i your General'a lifo is to be known as the oommander of au army so bravo and invincible as you havo proven Heasksj np higher boon than to lead such men to j victory. To sharo their trials, and to ' stand or fall with tliem, vnll be the crown of his ambition. BRAXTON BRAGG, Official : Genera! Commandlug. Geo. Wm. Breut, A. A. G.


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