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The Mortality And Sickness Of The Army

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Sanitaíy Ooinrnissioii, in a preliminary report on the mortality u n 1 siokriess i viil'unteers, est i matos the number nt denths in the volunteer forcee of' tho United Stales dtiring iho war, (" home guards. '' tiTld other bodies not itl :ictual service being eXcluded), has been it the anniuil rute of tifty threo (53. 2) per thousand men, of whom about fnrty fóur (14.6) were frora diseaso and nocideut, ind neaily nine (8.0) fiom wound.s peeeived in aolion. Assuming the rate of mortality lor thoae disyharged ind deserted, and the anima i rato cf deuths is ubout Oñ per thoiwantf. - Thu ruto of mortality for tho autufnrw] innnths is Iwicu nearly that for t!;u surmuel' months, and tliu winter nuarly douhl that oí' itituniíi. Thö inurtaiitv in the ar'nies of thö West is three times as great ns that in tho voliniteurs of tho Eastern and MitWIö Otates, Tho deaths trom woiind-i are five times a great in tiro Wostern army. Tu atlpply losses ainong tho enlistad men in our JCustern annius, req.uires recrnits ut the rate of nineteert per 1,000 per month or 22G por 1,000 pr annum. To sup. ply suoli losses in our Western armies, r quirea recruits at the rate of nearly '20 per 1,000 per montb, or 234 per 1000 per annum-. The number of deportions f rom the Eastern anny doublé that íVom the Western army. To secure in the field a constant forcé oí 500,000 cffüoiivo men, reoruita aro ro qnired of 123 000 men per annum, as on as the war las!s, besides tnuintaining 58,000 in hospitals. Of 123,000 iiuiual recruit, 83,000 aro to supply lossos by death and discharges fVom nervice (exclusive of discharges for expiration oí term of onlitmenl); 3-1-000 for dosertfous and missing in action ; and 0,000 to suppív othci' losses Bpeeified and unspecifie'l. KrT Th" St.. Louis R-pullican of Frkiay eontains tho list of prisoners cnpturcd by our furces nt Arkansaa Post. Tho list fiontaina even the name of cv 'ry pri?oner with the oxoeption of about 700 siek and wounded, and foots up 4.760. Add the 700 and it inakes the uuuiber captured 5,400. " Thurlow Weed is said to have somo prospect of an election as U. S. Senator 'rom New York, by a unión of Demócrata witli his personal fViends among the Republicans. Mr. Weed has heratofore invariubly declined political office. -3 It is announced upon " almost the highest official authoriry undef the Govérnment," that Mrs Lincoln has been converted to anti-slavery, and now goes for E.nancipation and for arming the negroes. - Bu Ull ! gg" The City Counoil of Macón, (Ja., lias h'xed the price of a liceuse to rotai! spiritaous liquarj at $10.000,


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