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Camplior igars jor 1 james. - bomebody in Paris has started a theory that all diseases are owing to the presence of parasitic animáis infesting the human sysLem, and to counteract their injüriaus effects recommends inlialation through quillscharged with camphor. The theory has taken and multitudes of the fashionables, particularly the ladies, can be seen holding a camphor cigar between their ruby lips. "The fashion has been int'roduced into Ñew York, as effectual for breath sweetening and üold curing. The Mirror says they are ■ui excellent luxury. cold or no cold, and x panacea for calarrh, sore throat, &c. It is nimorcd thnt Mr. Packenham, the British minister at Washington, has been instructed by his govermtfent, to demand of uur? an explanation'in regard to the very extraordinary letter of Mr. Culhoün to-Mr. King, in which the latter was instructed to teach the court of Franco that the British govern. ment is false and hypocritical in its movements ogainst the sláve trade, Se. We 6hould not wondor if this provea truè. -Emancipator.Sir Williám Davedcnt, who obUnned the jt patent from Óharles II. for dramatic permanees, had, by somc nccii'ent, loat llie sater pari öf his nöse. He was fullowed e day by an old wotnan, who kept ciying, rod preserve your eyesight," at Jast lie tuniround, and asked the beggnr "whyshe lyed so earneslly for his eyeBight," and d, "he was not pure blind as jet.' "No, ," said she, "but 'ü' ever y on should be, u hove no place to hang your 6pctacles on."


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