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The Prince's Pocket Money

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lianiDtit w 1 1 1 soon diseusa the subjout of tile PpHMse of Wales' pocket mniiey. lie lias ilruady ;i net iiuoidü nf $250, 0Ü0 pur anum, ind his moilier thinks lie sliould hu nhould htive :it luant $300,OOü moro, whiuh is wbut Prineesa Charlotte and her husbaod had; but tlien they owned no Conivvull. L;L" A little girl j-ust past her fift'j yeár, while chattiirg about the beaux tbut visiteJ two of tlie sex in tlie sanie house, of more matare age, beicg asked, " What do yi)u maan by beaux, Annie?" replied, ' W'Iiy I mean men thut Lave not got inuch sense." C" A New York letter from Ivoy West statea tliat tlie liritiah neutral blockade runner Antouicaa, with a curco of powder from England, was eaptured by tho U. S. steauíer Poealiuntjs off Mobile. 13? Tho Adjutaut General of Illinois lias issued his report conccrriing thu enrol'ment, equipuient, etc., of t.'ie tro"ps of that State. 'JMio number enrollcd he frives as 383,478; Hable to service 270,60!) ; nutuber in the servica ll'2,8Cü. fPsT The New York Times' states that Cíen. Coach sueceeds Gen. Sumner, and W. F. Smith succeeds Geu. Frank Un. i


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