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Postscript: The License Law

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jutBBnt). julmtuks: - uur legismiive iaes have groaned benealh the piles of peni tions for a change in the 1 ícense laws: j rery quarter of the State feeling was rei , . , , se: ius represented. Among the number th, as one from the Irish Catholic Temperutl f. 11 . hn nee Society, presented as the unanimous bl ish of its 8EVENTEEN hundred members. lia 'he Senate Committee reporled a bilí to ptí ;ave the question of license to be decided s;.( Y each town ballot box. An amendgt lent was put in, that two apothecaries in c town itiight sell without license for [edical purposes. The bill was thus th ;nt to the House. The House struck m ut the amendent, because calculated to lu vade the law, and passed the bill in its riginal form. It is now before the Sente for concurrence. It will receive its N inction and become a law. There was o resisting the overwhelming expression public sentiment, and many members rere thus coerced to support the bill, aln lough their own opinions were adverse. - io niuch for Peiüion. T-%1- T n TkT T-V II'


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