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Speech Of Louis Napoleon

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New York, Jan. 27. TIo Saxonm luis arrived frum Southunpton the 14th. Jt is rumore 1 t lint Napoleon bas renowed lus propusul for joiut media t ion ia A ui erf ca. London Observer says no sucli offer has Leen mude tu Kiigrand. The Emperur distinctly intimated to Mr Dayton lis refusal to submit uiy propusition At iliu opeMDg of dio Chatuburs tlie Empa ror said : " ïlie condition of Franco would be flourishing if tlie American war had not dried np one of the most fruitful sourcea of our iidustry 1 have atteinpted to seud beyond the Atlantio advice iuspired by sincere sj'inpathy, but the Great Marítimo Powers not thinking it advisable to act as yet, t am obügod to postpone to a more suitable oppurtunity an offer of ntediatiou, tho object of which was t stop t'ffusion of blood and prevent the exhaustion of America, whose future cannot be lookcd upon with indifference.


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