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peur áwrfeemwrf& FOR SALE. Q. ACRE of excellent timbrred lami-th1. % of O' N W. of Sbc.2. Town5N Rang 3 W-.CIint'nOoun'y. It Is in a gooa neighborhood, bout four mi es fn.m IteWilt Hnd Ufi froia Lausiir;. Vur tenns ioqulre ut or atUlrcss, ARCUS OFFICE. Jan iOth, 16 '3. 8S8tf HiUE & Lt.TS FOR ALE ! ItVI II to sell my house, with ncnrly two lots of land, fr.'nlin nn Bmaihvav aml riinnn_i throuffh to Tut tle ttnet, iu Ilie Kil tb. W.'tJ. Tmns reasonb-l S. B. McCUACKEN. Ara Arb.r, Jan. SC, UB3. ftlouey tu Jjt'iiíl. rCAN FtmSIiH MONF.Y on reasouablc lerms and long time ongoodParm security. " E. V. M0P.C.4N. Aun Arbor, Jiil.v 25. lfC2 8S6tí ATEÍTI'IV! THE CHEAPEST JEWELIIY HOU'SE IN THE WURLD !! 4,31S Pikcs-í op AsOBl'KD JewK'.ry for S50 (OMP.'.KTK l.i-t of Fine Gold, Ptated and Oriiids t Juweh }, scnL 'r. e Adtirena, J. A. SAI.IsnCRY. Acj-.vt. 6wP8- l'Hm]Di:w;E. U I. A LEITCRB TO YilTlSTG MENT! Just Vublishid, in n Seahiï Envelape. Prict Sis Cents A Lectura oü ?hs Niture, Treaimeut p.nd Radical Curo of Sprni;itorrheea or Seminal Woani-ss, Jnvolutitary, Finisi as fpxua) l'i-bility, nnd hnpc. iru nts to Jlun btt gí nt r;illv . N.tvuusik ss, ( Vn-ui"pti"ii. J']m]'iy iint Fm ; .vtn ;il ui-I l'hvic;i) lnc.-i iaci1 v, íesultiuff fruro M-lt-.bus.., &p _i;v KrRV. J. CÜLVERwkLL, iM, I)., Autlicr "t the GTcct. liuuk. v. The worM lenuwiiMl nutl.or, intiiis admirable Lt-cturo ckitrl.v pro ves ir ra lii nwn experierce that the awfut coiim ij o! i-i-11 bus# milv Ie cfTectually rrmovcd, without medicine, nd wit Ik ut daaerólia furgical dperftt ion f , bougfpg, instrumt-nt-i, rínge or cnlialf poiating out a mude 1 euie at nnw certain nd cirrtu:il,bt whioli ('t--y Bufferer, nn muiter wbat hip cdnditioo mt bf. jiïMv pre lnm-p!f chfaply, privétply, anf raöieaïly. TihsI.ixtifi: will provea uoo.n uTuol::AD.' TnouBAKjhs. iiont un Ut' sc:il, to ïny addre&Sjín a pïfvin onvelope on the recent oí sis ceat,or Iwo postage siampsaRf rff..3 r. KLTffFft co.t 1-27 rtoWery,Nw Yurk, I'ut Box. 4586 THE PERFECTION OF MECHANISM l THE MAG1C TIME OBSERVER, BE3NG A Hl NTISti AM) OPKN VOR, OR IaHY'S-O1 d'ltNTLKMAS'ö WiTCB Cu.MUIM-.P, Tft'ITU l'ATHil üLrwin:1(; Imi n vi:.mknt. ïiikNcw VobH Ii.iA'-tratkd Nkws, tlif lcalinc: pictnrial pnper of tbe (Joited ítate, in issue ot Jan, 10 h, ig 3, c n page 117, vniuiitunly nya : ' w have been shofin a mant leasing aorèlfcy, of whicli the lU-iiiiARi) Iïros., ofthirf t-iiy. mi tlie sola ImjHirtt-rs ]t is ca lied ihe 'Mach 'Iimf Ousfvkk,' and is a linnt n; and op o-fsee wateli combtueil. Thi i fine of the uMtii(-t , n 1 1 t co Mvcnii-nt , nn 1 decid aai y the besl andcheapnti time plece'orfceiieral and téliable ltse, ever offer ed. It lias tvitbip it ppd connected wtth. it m.-iohiiu-ry . tu own wfndlng attaebment, retfdcrfn$ ;t l;'v entireJy uumTcssnvv. Th c:imvs of tliis WattiTI are eomposed of two nn-tu, thé putei: ()1"' ba ílt-' 16 carat gold. It luis Oio injproverl rtiby actúm lejyr movoiiH'iit, ;;nl is v:in;in'('it nn accurate timepiece ï PpfoR, Bupoibly engrsved, pet cas of ji lüitf flozen, S'01 (10. Sample Watches, in n"'U morare" bors, fur' thoae proposïng to buy nt Wholesale, 6ö, sent by exproAü, ith binpay&bfp on delivery. Snldiers must iemit pnynnut m fulv:mcp. ;is we cannut collct lm those in Army. AádréBH, ÏIUUHAHD BROS. k tO., SoLKlM.roaiE6, 6-i88S Hovm CR. Nübad & Jou1 StB, , NTEr Tont,


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