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The Late Homicide In The Township Of Dexter

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The killing of William S. Bentley, in tha town of Dexter in tliis eojjnty, about twenty miles from tliis city, on the uight f the 17th inst., has already been noticed. A preüminary examination of the afleged raurderer, John Roche, was held in this city on Tuesday before Justiee Vancleve, the prisoner being reaiande-d for a further examination. The evidence sliowed in brief that an altercation ensued betweon Bentley and Roche, growing out of cards and whisky ; that they finally came to blows, and elinched, the soufflé shifting from a table to a lounge or bed, and thence to the floor; that Bentley was mucli tlie heavier man, and had the better of Roche, being on top, choking and bruising lüm ; that Boehe called to the bystanders for relief er help; that Bentioy said, " G )d d - n Jiitn, I'ü kill h'uu; " that a fcüife wi.ich was recognised as belonging to Roche, was seen to fall on the floor between the parties; tliat they were separated, and Bentley threw hiissolf on the lounge, iying that ke was wounáed ; tfeat the affray took place between ten nnd eleven e'cloek at njght; that a pbyekian arrived bout niDe the nest morning, purtially drossed the wound, whiuh was in the abdomen, and from which the intestinos, in Tolume sufiBeient to fill a peck measure ín their strangulateil and inñamed ennditïon-, protruded ; and that Beiitley died ín about a quaner of an hour after the wound was dressed. Theso are the essential facts elicited by the prosocution, with very little cross xamioation, and no defensivo testiinony. ïf these are the real faots, thei-e i no tmpropriety ia gnying tliat a convietiou for murder, or evon for a high grade of inanslaughter, will hardly ensue. 13ut whether the testimony discloses the essential facts or not, the case is one deraanding thü most tliorough and rigid investigation. TAs the examiimtion is not yet (ompleted, wü omit the comments of our re. porter upou the evidenoe and partios JSd.J JCS" Our Legishitive repnrts ure neuessarily menger. We cannot giVÖ place to all the r.oticus of bilis, ivports of coinrnittees upon same, reaolntions oflered, &c, and the notiee taken of amo in journu! is so brief that we cannot get rauch knowledL'e oí pronsei bilk' ' ■ ' Ësf The Dömoonttio County üouvention convuuö to-morro, Suturday, ut 12 LI. ESST' Robert Fuller, convicted in this city about fotir yeara ago of burglary, and sentunced to prison for thirtv years, has been pardoned by Gov. lair. jjjg" At the meeting of the Washtenaw County Mutual Fire Insurance Oompany beid on Tueday, it was decided to coutiuue buiuess utider the old charter. j&ZST The Jauuary uuiuber of The Printer is a welcome guest at our table. The craft should read nnd study The Printer. $1 a year. Address Joun Giikaon & Co., No. 11 Spruoe Street. New York.


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