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Imprisoned Animals

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Animáis need shelter, bat imprisoninent is neilhef ne '.essury nor büneficial. The horne and cattle stulls in too many nsl.uiees euppiv only orto requisito, viz : i wannth. Animáis a; fVtqueully ponniid up (rom wook to week in narow qoarters reeking with tiiih whieb filis UieuT with noxious cffluvid, wl.ere liulo orno light can enteras fhough ihey were uud'ergoing ouishntent. Now cven tlie beat uocotnMhttioas tliat can be providod, are in a tTieusure uanatura], ' Our dumtjHtiu unimuls at the North are Dative.s of trunnur climates, ulieie tiey aro aocustomed lo róara at will tlunng the entire year. Every important ciiange íroni thi.s lhtir natural conditioo will aune or Itss interfere with tbeir best devolopmeot. Ií' abundant and wholcsoihu íood, pure air, a:i.l plenty ot' Hght be supplicd, thü bonetits of shelter will mora than counterbalunce the losa of freodoin. Coníinement of animáis snould not be too strict. Sorao amount of exercisa is indispensable. The horeo that is kept standing on the tslable fluor lor weeks w í 1 1 bfc doubled wi'h swoüen limbs, loss oí appetite : will be ükely to acquire the habit of cribbing; and when finallv used, will over-exert himself, and then quite likely be laid up for a time with stiíFened musties. Católe becorne restless and fevei'ish from long conünment, and w.ll not !ay oa faf, or give a fu II flow of mük, without a moderate amount of eéreiee daily. A good plan is to turn them lonse in a shelïered yard after the first feeding, while the atables aro being cleaned. Animáis as wel! men enjoy a changa of place, and with these thöir heulth í)d comfort are inti'natelv connected. hs . .


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