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Puliüsleil every Friday thcthird story of the brickblock, corner of Main and lluron 8ts., ANN ARHOR, ffioh. Et trance on Huroa Street ,oppositc the Franklin ELIHU B. POND, Editor and Publisher XtanttS, Ll,5O a Yeor In Aclvance Arlvcitlsing - One square (12 línea or less), on week, 5Q cents; and 25 cents for every iusertion there after, lesïthan tUree rnonths. One sqiaro 3 mos $3.00 I Quarter col. 1 year $50 ne iqaare 6 mos 5.0U Half column fi mos 18 One sqiare 1 year 8 00 Half column 1 year 35 Two ecfrea fi moa 8 00 One column 6 mos. 36 Two Bgrs 1 year 12,00 [ Oae column 1 year 60 l'ij .Alvertisements unaccompanied by wiítten o verbal di:trctton.s will be publisbcd until ordered out and chanieil accordinly. Legal Ivertiseuients, first iu.sortion, 50 cents pe folio, 25 ent a per folio for ench svtoeqnent icaertion When :i pHtpCBöJQent is aflded to au ailvertisement th wb.ole wilibe charged the same as for iir&tinsertion. Job Piindug- Pamphlets. Uaml Btlja , Circulara Cardíi, Bal Tickets, Labels, Blaaíts, Bill Hew3s, (HW ■other varidiea of Plain and Fancy Job Prinfmg, execu ted with pumpiness, and in lbo bíat style Carda-We havea Kuggles Rotary Card Pre8s,an a large varety of the latest etyles of Card type which enables us to print Cards of all kinds in tliii neates poseiblestye and clieaper tbaa an other house in tbe city. Busiftesa Crda for men of n.11 ;ivociitions and pro fessions, Bdl, Wedding anl Ví-.iinu Cania, printed ou ehort uotice (.'all and soe samples. BOOIC 1IXDITG- Connected with the Office la a Book Hindery in charge of two competent workmen. - Toiinty Recírds, Ledgers, Jonrnals, and all Biank Books jiiade to ordr, and of the best stook. Tamphlets and Feriodicals bund in a neal and durable niannev, at De troit prices. Eutrauce to Bicdery tbrough the Argus Office.


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