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-Coa] ten cuiits per pound, provided theie le any ín town. ín case a ponr mau's family i.s freezing, some deulörs muy be induced to let him have enough at fifteen to keep bis family warm till the nest bushel arrivés on tho ears Kerosene - A poor man has no business to burn it ; however, if he will bu such a repróbate, he can purchase it of liberal dealers at five eents per epoonful. Woou - Five cents per square inch. Thank Providence the aupply is limited. Potatoes - Tweníy five cents npieoe - if Hable to rot tvvo for fiv; cents eaoh. Botter - Plenty Deinand not haif as strong as the butter. C"ffee - ürisk. Start f rom any cor ner lo the nearest grebery and it wül advancc ten cents per pound bef ore you can fret tbere. Split Reans and Rye - Keep clote to cofíee. - Panlagraph, f He wlio despairs without having reason for it, will very soon have reasou for it. un - ni JE2E" Strcets often nced iinproveinents; those who walk thein often er. 1[?Sr We love those who admire us more than those whoiu we admire. L;L" Eíihu Burrití says, that the best eough drops for young ladies, are to drop the praetice of' dressing thin wlieu they go out in the night air. fötT Humphrey Marshali's law library has just been sold for the benelit oí the govemment for tho sum of $l,:jü7.19. The Omu Wueat Chop. - The editor of the Ohio Fatmer has lateiy traveled through the State, and givefl it as his opinión that upon the wholo he has never seen such a feeblo start for the winter erop as tl.ere was in December.


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