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The Effect Of The Emancipation Proclamation

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S rreaponÍ8nce of l!l ■ Manchester Gn.if.lian. I havo taken painrs to icurtnin, as far as 1 um abio, lli view. of pwrsons wuli Bfqmiin'.ed with the United States, t'he iSoiitheru In particular, 8 to the irt)ublo e Boot of thu President' etnuni'ipatio'n edict, I wish I could re5i)i't nnylhing like h general agreement in tlio i-onijartuhle conclumun tlmt it nay bo ivyuideU as mero dio thuruier, vvbich I shc put lorth with eonliiJeneo in tlie M.nüng Post of yenterday. - On tho oniitrary, I tind it oreiites tho graVoat ai'-'prehtiioiis, mul sotno i-( iny acqiminlunuei', lumilwr l);li wiih tho Nxirüi and Suth, do not hesitato to expross tlieir faurs thut, though the efioct of the edict may not appenr for sumo liiiit), it ill ultimutely bring ühoiit a rupetition of thu borrons whiuh attended thu overthow of white power in Sun Doininu;!1, though thy ovow at tho saniu lime their uonfident buWvt that tho end will be the reprensión by the whites of the Wack populatióa, aod the firiner rivolirrg of their cilitins. At iho sanie ti:ue I hear n very general cxprossiiin of opinión that tho first l!ck oulragQ wiil be thu nignal for a Europuan intervon'ion in tha intere.sts of humanity ; and sorne g" s" faf as to say that the LVusident ariticijuted, aod would pot regret, this efiect trom tho proclaination


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