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Synopsis Of The Postal Bill

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Senator Collamer's postal bill empowers the Postmastcr General ti appoint all Postmasters whose annual sa'arv is less tlian $1,000; requires Postmasters. mail agent and persous employee! in tliu general postoffices to nnko oath of their fidelit.y and loyalty ; awardi oompeugation in five classes - the fitst between 4,000 and $3,000, the secoud between $3,000 aud $2,000, the third between 82,000 and $1,000, the fourth between $1,000 and $100, tho fifth less thau 100: the salaries to be assigned by the Postmaster General from a coiuparison of average salaries of tho four precedmg years, and may be readjusted not oftener than ouee in two, these salaries to take effect ïn July next. In tho offices of the first and second classes it is proposed to allow a just and reasonable sum for tho cost of rent, fue!, lights, elarkf", &e., and also to the uffiees of other classes wliich are distributing offices for clerk hire; all box peuts and other perquisites to bo aceou'ited for by the Postmaster, tho bos rents and postage ahvays prepaid; oath made to quarterly returns on penalty of per jury ; the Postmaster General to regúlate the peno dwing whieh dead letters shall reuwiu i.i any postoffioe; thosocontaining valuable iticlosures to be regis tered in the depairtment, and when not returnable to writera or persops writton to, shall be nclmled in receipts aud be gubject to reclamation ; letter-carriers to be appointed, and receiving offices and boxes to be establishod, and provisions made for ea-rying locul neivspapers and small paekages; the rate half ounou letters, three cents; drop letters, two oents-, a.nd no carriers' tees allowed ; ■egMterad etters to pay a fee of twenty oents; Bewspsper postago on weeklies, per quarter, five cents; semi weeklies, ten cents; tri weeklies, fifteen cents; dailies, (six issue), tliirty cents; four ounces to bo the sundu'rd weight of periodicals ; email papers sent. in a package to oiiü addresa ulwrged at the aame rate.


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