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Free Negro Cotton Culture A Failure

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Tliu Fourierita i'xpeiiment of a negro plialanstry got up ;it Beaufort, Sou ti) Carolina, under the auspices oí soma oraok-br;iim.'d nbolitionists and witless Brigadiers, has signally failed. Tlie ne groes were to be put at cotton-raising; and 'I;; downfall of slavory was prodicted froír the vvonik-rlu-l tsuscess of free negro cotton culturo. The experiment has been in progresa under mogt favoraa!e auspicies - the bost soil md cliinate, and for nothiiifr, negroes without eost, aborers' ratimjs supplied by thu comrnissanat, superintendents furnisbed from ;he anny, and ootton at four-fold its "ornier priee. Yet the Tribune informa us of the result : " It is understood tbnt Gen. Ilunter uill direct the suspension of the cuHivation of eotton on tb-e plantations worked uader the uuspiccs of the govcrnment duing the present season. He proposes o liave all the soil devoted to the raisinc of eorn, in order to afford some direct dief to the subsistence department, and decrerrse as mtich as possth'e the di afts fthis department upon the Federal irmsury. "One of the reasons for the chance is he dkcrepancy between the financia! prqfits of last year's eotton erop and the ov ernment capital invested in it It is true, uncoatrollable moteorological causes liad most to do with the utisatisfactory erop; but in the present straiteued eoudition of tlio ustional finalices, it is well arsued, similar inoettmenU of uncertain promise munt bf discouiite?iancr,d." Thas everything these philanthropists promised us bave failed -every eifort in the way of war, every enterprise of poaeo. The negro was to rush to the resoue of our anus - but he did not ! He was to su.-itain and feed our annies ; but he is a burthen on thein. He was to supply the North with free-labor eotton I He faila in that. Pie is now to be sent to raising eorny as if that must hot st.ill more sure [y fail. It is these mon wliom every depclupment ot events provea to bo inorant, and worthless ad"isers, that bid as disbatid our white annies and trust to legro soldiers ! That will be the worst "ailure of all.


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