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Democratic Stater Convention

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A Democratie Siate Conreiition will be held at Detroit, on Wednesday, the elevoirèh day of Februarj', A.. D. 1861, at eleven o'elouk i:i tha fi)i-e:io(-n, for the pwrpoae of nomioáting a canitidáto for J'nstiee of the Sapreme Court, and candidates for Ilegcnts of tlie University, and for tliR púrpose of transicting such other 1 i'siiicss as m;iy come beforo the coiiveution. Each cmniiv eornprising one or more lepresentative district will beentitled to luce times as man; delegates as therearsrepTe&eutatives in the lower house of Uie State tegislature froni such eounty; and each co'uniy wliich "íny rtot be entitleíl to one rspresentative iii the lower house in the State Legisla tare, will be entitled to one delégate. The last State Convention Rdopted a resoluticm to the effect that, no delégate shonlil be entitled to a seat. In any future democratie Convention as a representativo froman coiiuty in which he does not reside. Demócrata and conservatires, ye who wis a restoration of the Uuion and" tne maintenance of the constitntioa and laws in their ntegrity, oome and let ns take counsel toRetlier in this hour of our bumiliatiori aml pelil. Detroit, December 23, 1802. LEVI RIStIOP, WM. A. RICIIMOND II. N. WAUíKTt. ADAM L KOOF STEPHEN G. CLARK, AÜ8ÏIN WALES N. A. BALCII, II. H. UAUMON ' H. C. LYlilíOOK, JO. SOTHBKt-AND 0, M. BAKNES, JOSEPH COÜTLElt, L. D.NOIiRIS, Democratie State Central Committee


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