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The Coming Judicial Election

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We cali the atfeution of our röaders to the proceedings of the Bemocrntio County Convention. held in thia city List. Saturday, publiahed iu mother column of tliis paper. It wilt bn seen that the Gonvehtion unaniinou-]y instructed the delegates to the Judicial Couvention, called to convone at Juckson on tho 12th isist., to present the name of Lysban D. Norria, of Ypsilanti, as the ehoico of the Demoeracy of tliis County for Circuit Judge. Thc-re are many reasons wiiy Wushtei:w is riglitfiilly eutitled to tuis nomination We propose to review a few of these. lat. As the preambla to the resolutico of nstruetion truthfully as.serts, Wush touaw is the leading oounty in this district, in hor population; n her legal busiuess, and in liar Democratie vote and majority. Cmnparing hor voto with Juckson, the nest coanty in popu'at.ion in the district, we find thai n '41 Waslitenáw gave Polk 715 greater ïuajority tèan Jackson ; in '53, 117 gröater Fóf Pierce ; in '56, 141 loss for Framont ; ín '58, 178 less for Wisner; in '59, 238 lesa for Martin ; in '60, 93 lesa for Lincob ; in '62, 300 greater for Stout. 2nd. Wben the Judicial District was formod n '50-1, J.-iokson Oounty funiished thesuccessful Domoeratic caudidate - David Johnson - who occupied the Bench nearly six years, until ho resigned. Wlien the Democratie Couvention met to nom-inatu for the Spring electioti of '57 at Jackson, F. Livkrmorb of Jacksou was nominatod and tho Conveation ndjourned. Mr. Livermoiie deolined, and tho Uocvention was airain callcd tivether and G. T. GiuDi.KY of Jaukson was pominated. Mr. Gridley also dcclincd, but tho convention iusistcd upnn li ia nomination. ïhia way of gotting n candidato was a perfect wet blankot upon the Bemoerayof lliia cuunty. No effort was nvide for tho ur.'vill'ing candidato, or as far as wo kuow bi hiui ! and yct notwithstanding Fremont's raajority in November '56, iif. tliis district, waa 1930. - Judge Emwbitnch beat Mr Gridley io April '57, 407 votes elcarly showing tlnit a little more zaal, faith and willingness to vork, and if needful to suffer for the good of Iiis party, on the part of eitber of the Jaokson nomíneos would bave socured their election. Jackson bas had tlien, from the Democr icy three nominees tor Circuit Judge, and o;.e suecessful eaudidate for Congress, (Ghoiioe B. Coopi;ü). Will kIio wisli to stand in the way of WuslltenftW when her delegation appear in Bronsou's Hall and ask for this noininatioii ? od. It it certain tliat Judge Latvrknce wtll be reuouiiiialcd by tbe Republicana, j The opposing eandidate shouhl come froui ! t!ie same eouuty, otherwise couuty pride and local lioiue popularity may tafee Jud$é Lawrknch far ahoad of his ticket in tliis cüunty, and Beoure his election, I for it is Wasbtenkw tbat must furnisb Uie majority to make tbia district Dcmocrutic. Fhere is no one in this county w!io cm botter koep Judge Lawuence from makiiig any iurcud on tbe Dl-idoeratio votü of tlis oounty thau Lyman D. Noruis. We rutber guns tbc boot vvould be on tbe otber leg. In November Cl, Mr. Noanis ran ftr Prosecuting Attorney in this couuty. IIo cliallenged bis Ilepabliean opponent to a joint public sttnvasg, wbich was doclined. In tbat sanvass tbe Ilepublioan was successful, iliough Mr. Nounis ran 291 abeud of bis okftt. iïe s tbrougbly ideutiüed witli tbe in:cre8t of t'ais oomity, frotn b resiJeneo hert ainee 1828, (oxcept a few years spont in St. Louis). lis was the first student who entcrcd the University of Michigan, wliere lie reniained till tlio scond term of Junior year of 1844, whcn fowing to the want of apparatus and other fucil itien for tin) study of natural eoience,) he left the Uuuersity for fule College, and keeping lus rank, graduated thero in the Slimmer cf 1845. He read luw with Mr". FnxzÊK oí Detroit, and in April 1847 was admitted to the Har. Frotn '47 to '54 he practiced his profession successfully in St. Louis, and was called home by 'the ncreasing infirmity of his futb'er. Mark Noiuus, deeeased, and lias sinco that year praeticed in tbis and adjacent countics, wltli a full meqsure of reputation and sueeess. We believe Ingham County has no candidate for this office. Nor do wc believe that Jadfson County wil] interpose any obstado to the unaniraous wish of the Demoeraey of this county. If Mr. Noiuus is pöminated he wil] íissuredly be elected, and will prove f a 1 1 y cqual to liis " illustrious predecessors," in all the quulitics that go to make the Bench honored and rcspectud.


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