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Liive fjreese Jb eathers, OF a superior qunlity. for sale by 3ÊCKLÉY & HICKS. March 3, 1345. 45-3 w ANN ARBOR OIL MÏLL. THE subscr.bers wouid give notice that they are engaged in mnnufacturing LIriSEED OL'j. and are prepnred to furn:sh oil of the best qualiiy to merchants and painters, cbeap; as it can be obtaihed from the East. Oil exchariged for Flax sced'at the rate of a gallon of oil for a husliei of Fi4x%8ccd. Cash at all times paid fui f" 1 'i V fit! O(J PULCiPrIER & JUD3Ox AnnArbbr,(Lowci Village,) Sopt. 6,1844 üOJ-Iy..C. liRINCKEUHOFF'S "ÍÍIIS Medicine ia a surf, safe nnd cerlain Af . Remedy in compKiints of tlie Liver and .1 ngHi ConsuiDption, LiYcr Complamt. chronaud severe Coughs and Culds, are almoai i ir - [lt dialely reliev d and nt'.imniely cui;ed by a iatüiseg useofthe Kesioralive. I) Clulion. the enii,u nt clie:nist and physician of New aC( irk, atiachea his cuniiica'e stating its entire an, jetable composiiion. aflcr he had made a caroyyf 'analysis. h 8 wholly devoid of 'any irr.tnting gtj perty, and manifestó jo decided healing and fj( lifying qualities as to quickly alleviate tlie q} 8t aggravatinsj cougli and cliange heexpectotv ion. Pains in the chest and side, so often leendant on l-ung Complaints, are efièciually col noved without the least inconvenience. the it of the diílicuUy be'mg rcaclied inuch quicker ■" m by any external application. From the repition of this Medicine in New York, where it W s been sold for some years. he most indubitathi i tcftimony ís given to iis merit. Certifícales kii ve been literally showered in on the proprieior jj m the best of sources, and stating the cases of rsona raised even when given up by their pliyian. The lact of no one single insiance öf Ai sa'isfaction, known or exprrssed, is a sirong tei arantee of ns met it. The following certifícate W( irom Dr Cliilion, the well known New York Lf emist. Li J hnve ar.alv7.eil-ii bottle of medicine cillcd Sc k Brinckcrliofl's Health Restorative;' and find at it does not contain Mercury. or any other wl etallic preparation. nor opium in any of i is in rms. It is composed of vegetable inaiter enpo elv." Jamks R Cmvro.v, M. D. "3 'C. BRINCKERHOFF, Proprietor, N. Y. th Principal Office 96 Hudson street, New York. Horace Everett. U. S. Agent. 96 Hudson st.. er uw Yo.k. has appoined W. S. & J. W. May,rd. Druggists, ncenis for Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor, February 3, 1845. 4 4w ap ugar Coiited Piïls, . ai easc- Pttore Kridence. w kTR. HILL, of the Hrm of Gil ley and Uill, TA 169 Broadwiy. snys thp Sugnr Coated idian Vegetable Pilis are superior to atty he has rer taken. His wife has found thetn b l and efficacious. Mtss DouGLAfs. corner of Wáífeeránd Lndlow reets, has heen cured of pain in thef head. dim;ss of sight, and dizzinees of long standing by íese Pilis. Mrs. Simons, of 90 Henry street, cured of Q ïins and crampp, ol eight years standing. Mr. Atkins, of 263 Greenwich slreet, cured f dvspepsia, of seven years standing. Mr. Carlock's danghter, 8 Staple street, curtí of Worms in their worst tbrm. Rev. Mr. Bur.nett. of Brooklyn, curcd of ilious complaints, weakness, &c. We need not add more. Kvidence crow'ds 1 pon us from all quartevs. No Pilis ever before J ccomplisbed so nuich, wilh so little troubleand t lisagreeablenesá, as Dr. Smith's (Sugar Coated) - Irnproved Indinn Vegetable Pilis." Sold at 1 ïuion's corner Ilowery and Grand st. ; Philip' s i ;orper of Beekman of WiUiam streeis, Kvcreii's. )j Hudson si.; Mrs. Hy's, 119 Fúlton stree't. i Brooklyn; and 203 Greenwich strekt. Examine [he label - lcok for Dr. Smith's written i ture45 Tv I OHI '1L1O O f T r A Ti t r A 'IM ' 1 1 . ; I , 1J proved Jncüan I'üls," are daily flecting some of the most astonishing and wonerful cures that have ever been known, in cunequence ofvvhich they have now bcnome a shintig mark ngainst wliich all the arrows of disapointed hope, envy. and uncharttablencss aic ?velled without distinction. The town and ountry are alike filled with tlieir praise. The nlace and poor-house alike echo wiih their virjcs. In all climates. under all temperatures, ley siül retain their wonderful power&-, and exrt them unaltercd by age or siiuation. Tliey re simple in their preparation. mild in their aclons, thorotigh in all their orierations. and nnrialied iri thèir resul ts. They are artti-b'iiious. nti-dyspeíp'ie. and anti-mercuríal: and ihey ave eculiarly honeficial in the following comiilaints: sver and aguo, yellow and bilïous fevers. dysicpsia. cronp. liver complnint. síck headache, lundice. asihma. dropsy. spleen, pileá, colie. ibstructionp, heartliurn. furred tongne. and foul tomncb, nausea, diurrhoen, costiveness, loss of ppetite. sallow complexión, cnlds, and in all :ases of torpor of the bowels where a cathartic or in aperient is needed. N. B. [CFNd Sugar oated Pilis can be germine unltss every box ms orí it the sjírnature of G. BENJ'N SM1TH. VT. D. Sold 179 Greenwich st , ond RushtÖn fe Co.. 1 0 Astor fiouse, and throughoui.ihe Uni ed States. -11-tfJVrVIATA IKON SORE. TH.h SUBSCRIBER. agent lor tUe Mhiiufnciurcr. Pitisuurgh, Pa. has now on hand i largo and well assorted stock of JRON. NAILS, GLASS. &c, .vhich isoffered to the public at the lowcst cnsh jrices. comprising tlie tollowing: fiom'n bnriron. nllsizes Plow s!abs, Üandy tire " ;i Pluw wings. Horse slioc, ; il Sheet iron, Nos. 13 Sn.kllctree, " to 26. Round nnd Square " Nails, 3d to 20d, ■ Bnnd and hoop, " ' Spvkes. all sizes. Boiler iron '; ; Railro-id car a,!es, Nail rods " Cuiriage " Deck and spike rod?? Carriage. Springs, Spades, shovels, &c, &c. , Togctlier with cvery otherarticle usually riianfactured at aa Iron JEstahlishnient. The aliove anieles are manüfactured at' the Brownsviile Juniata Iron Works. Piilsburgh. Pa. b) E. Hulies. am' are of the best qüality. WIN DOW GLASS, of all sizes, nnd of the best brauds, conslanily on hand. or furnished to order. Merchants and others will find it tb ihcir advnntage to cali and examine the subscriber'e stock, as icell as the prices, before going clscwhere. JNO. ROBINSON, Jr. Agent. No. 1, VVardell's Block, corner of' Woodward Avenue and Woodbridge Street, Detroit. Dec. 31. 1844. 38 Tiie foflo'.'ing pnpers will p lease puBlish the above (o the amount ot two dollars, and send their bilis (o this office: PonlTöoj Gi zeiie nnd Jncksonian, Ann Arbo State Journal, Argus niirf Signnl of Liberto Jack-on, Gazette and Democrat; Marshall. Statesinan and Expounder.LET ALL THE WO RIJ) TAKE Nu 1 JCE, AND BBfcAREFOt NOT TO BUY THE (SOÖAB COATED) IMPUOVKI) JnDIAN yiuETABIK PlM.S. unlcss KVEiiy box hiis on it the written sigaaturc o( the original inventor ancl palentee, g: benjamin smith, m. d. These pleasant Pilis possess powers to open all the nntural drsins of the sysiem - viz: ihc LUNGS, KIDNEYS. SKJN and BOVVKLS- hitherto unknoww in the praciicc of medicine; and so complete has been their trumph over all oiher medicines, that many hnve been led to suppose they conthin soine powerful mineral: but upon exaininaiion by Drs. Chii.ton. Randolpii. Huntinct).v, hnd othfrs, this suppositiou is at once proved to he groundless. Sold in New York, at the principal Office, 1?9 Greenwich street, also by Rushton & Co., Brondway, corner l%h stroef. Pamphleis to be hnd of agents gratis. N. B. - Persons will nlso notice on the top label an engraved Indian figure, ctossed wiih line red print. Thégennine may atar be bought with snfety at Dr. Guid'n's, corner of Rowery and Grand streef. Brookfyn.andat respectable stores througliout the United States. 43. WOOD! WOODI! WE want somc fronisubscribcrü immcdia'clv Oct 12. 1$U.LLESSitSl'S MEDICINES '1 HES E MEDJC1 S ES RE efïecting such osiotiishing cures irt.mulL titutfes ui' oíd canes lorijj since ab'tthdötifé hy hbicifiiis and Surgeons as uiierly hopeless. tliaC medicines, where ihese are knowii, stand bq' ervedly high. They consïst of IE BLACK. Oh' AU. E BAS' I'S SALVE, l'ilH'E x5 OJEÑTÍS, licli cures alniusi uní vcisajly. Fevrr Soref, of niosi gnant kind, Fc-lmis, Ulcei. At- ssea, Tumors. Fractures, Cms, Púniturcs, rne, ScíiIJp. Sore Thruai, Chilbhmie. Quin-. Dropspy. Inflammat-iry JllK-uTnatiem, ïi.flaintioi)8 and swcÜtngs oí cvtry duscripiion. ISc.-ild ;(i, Agüe in the fice, Nccvpus Tootli Aclie, ue ín ihe limkeh JJ easls, Ac. &c. LLEHASES UEAÏm BlLlM Mö Ckvls. Phese l'i la hirre Oöqiiiréd n popnlnrity wiihin Insi year or two, vhich do orher l'üls pos3. The reasons are ohviousto nll who use m. miil mny he learnpd Irom tli pmnplilut thnt ompanics them. Tliey cure J'iüona. Scarlet' I other Fever8, Fever and Ague. Dyspepsy,jpsy. Acid Stomach. Disordered Bowels. or nnnch. Jaundice, JIuad'Achc. Dizzincssin the' ad, Wornis, Liver Complaini. Heart Bflrns, olie. Bowel complainl. Genera! Dehility. Coï:nes9. &c. Ac. They purify the entire sys-m. leive the bowels ín a vigorous and liealthy idiiion, &c. See paiupl)let. .LEBAS I'S TOOTH ACTIE DROPS, riUCE 21 CZWTS, II cure an ordinary ense of Toorh Aclie in from ee to ten minutes. For Nervous and oilier ids of Tootb Ache, see i amphle:. XEBASrS PVOR MAN S PLASTEE, Pi: ICE 12 i GENTS i ewarrantevl to bc stperior to any otiier Plass in this or iny other country, for pain or aknoss in the Back, S'ulr, Cln;st. Bowels. ins, Muscles, and for Rheumatism. Lungand trr Complaims, Coughs. Colds, Asthma, &c. r pamphlet. fi. B. Please to aslc the agent for a pamphlëf ich giveffall the informal ion necessary respect; tlie uftcs of the medicines, the virtues they isess, etc. Please to follow directions in the 3 of'the mctlicines, and yoo inay' rely up.on rH it is promised. A liberal discount rrtade to merchantyarfd oth;. who buy to scll aaain. LYMAN W. GILBERT. Proprietor, Wholesale Druggist, 21 4 Fuiton st. N. Y. - :LT For sale by the subscriber. who hos beenpoiiued general agent for the City of Detroit d ns vicinity. Country dealers eupplied on eral tenns. C. MORSE. Michigan Book Store. The above medicines are for sale at the ook Store of WM. R. PERRY, In Ann Arbor, Lower Villagc. December 9, 1841. 31-ly. OOD NEWS FROM NEW ENGLAND. Dr. Smith's Sugar Coaled Imyroved Incliaii Vegetable Pilis, aiUMPHANT FOR CONSTMPTIONS, C0LD8 UHEU.MATISM, DYSPEPSIA AND FEVERS.. in my limbs. nnd brought on the Rhcumasm. accompimted with severe pains and a bad f Ugb, wiiicli obliged me to givc up my business, tried iriany remedies without any rtlief, umil i rocurcd a box if Dr. Smiih's Sugar Coated Vesetublè Pilis, which, I am happy (o eny, :nmcdiately relieved me, and enabled me, in bree dnys, tOTcturu to my bu3ness. I am now mirely wcll. E. F. I1JLL, Washington et. Boston, Nov. 4, 1844. I have been cónsidered in the Consumption ' ir ubout nine years, with aeevcre cough every il!, which did not lenve me till the next spring, i'ith an almost constant' Headnche; not being ble to sleep mnny nights during the winters, ii conseqnence of the severe firs of'coughing. I ave tried most of the cotigh remedies, with only emporary relief. My usuvl cough commenced - hout four weeks since, with an increasingsoreess lo my lungs; and wns urged to try Dr. imitli's Sugar Coated Pilis - which [ did, but fithout nny faiih in their efficacy. I took four 'ills before retiring; and; within forty-eight ours, my eough was entirely broken up, which ' ns not returned, and the severe turns of headehe have ]fJi me. I never have found a rememy before that brought so sudden relief. J do not ' elieve therë is any cure for the Consumption,ut am saiified. there is no temporary relief qual to these Pilis. Í have ?ince administered ; hem to menihers of my family, for Colds and -- Jough?, with the most happy result. H. E. WELLS, Boston." Haying been afflicted for severa! years with a - iVeaknees in the stomach and Lunss, wiih ■ iveness, Headache, and Depression ofSpi it'.; louglii by many to be in a Consumption, nnd rs obliged to civc up my business. A f ter tryng a number of the various Sarsaparillas and - Balsams. wiihont any permonent relief. I was irevailed upon to try Dr. Smith's Sugar Coatd'lFniproved Indiar. Vegetable Pilis; and, to' m' ïBtonishmeru, they immediately reüeved rrte; nnd. after tnkinfir a few doses, am entirely rëdöv- ered, ann able to return to my business. JUSTUS CLARK" , The direciions nnd Ireatinent of the disedsco, . acconipariy every box. PRirE L5 CKKTS PER BOX. No 1;SUGAR COATF.D PILL," can bégen-'uine without ihe signntitre of the sole invénter. G. BENJAMIN SM1TH. M. D., President ' of the N. Y. College of Health,'' upon evory box. Offices devoted exclusively to tho sale offhts = mcbirine. 179 GREENWICH STREET. NewYörk.1No. 2 WATER-STREE T. Boston. For sale in all the villages and tovns iniha1' Nevv Englnnd States. N. 15. - No travelling pedlars are ullowed to' sell tlicse Pilla. ETFor ealehy W. S. & J. W: Maynard.' . Lund& McColIum, F. J. B. CranevAnn Arbór;1 ; Perrin A' Hall, Northvilte; Thos -P' May, JrM Plymoiithj D. C. Whitvvoodj G. & J. . G. Hil'1 , Detroit. IIARTFOR'nF i re Insurance Company. lncorpnrated in 1810- CJuirier perpetual' I - Capital, 150,000, wüh powcrto increase it lo $250,000; - TÍIfS well known nndlong establieWpá'íñstí tution. with ampie cash eapisalyhávdeatnblished an ageney in Ann Arbor, -and 'offer to ; insure Dwellings, Furniture. Slorp.Sj MWrchnndise, Mills, Wheat. Flour, A&j onvery fáver-' ble tenns. The hich character of tliis company is well knnwn, and its exiensrve businesBis1 conducted on the most just nud honorable princi[ilès. Ownersof propoMy in An Arlr and 'v cínity who wish to insure i t against lossnnd Üanv-age by fire. nre nvited to cali directly on tha subscribir, ai his Siore-n Ann Arbor, whoisau ihorized to issue policies without delay. F. .T. B. CRANfE, Agent:Ann VSor. Jn. t, l-Jñ. 39-m.


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