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From The 20th Michigan Infantry--thanks To Dr. Porter

From The 20th Michigan Infantry--thanks To Dr. Porter image
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Camp oppositk FBEDBKicfcsBURa, Va..} 2)th EzatMEKT MlCBIOAM IXKAXTBY, Jamiary 3(Sth, 1863. ) Mn, Editor r Luxuries araong the soldierfc ;iro very rare, and egpeoially sa wben the paymaster haa not visitod them for five months. I5oer, povk, and "hard tack," better knovvn ainoiin; us asU. S. pies, and .sometimos labeled 1812, and soinetimes B, C, oonstitate our usual fere. Still the most of na thrive woll upon thcin. - But let the news pass round tliat somo one is coming from lióme, who has kitidly offered to bring to the soldier tilinga that tbetr fiienJs may ish to send t hem, and overy eje kindles with expeotatiort. Nor is tilia because tho soldier desires only to gratify his appetite, but because these little gif'ts reinind him more bly th:m anytliing elsecan that his friends have not forgotten him, and that they appreciate the saerifices he is making f'or his country. Our frieuds send us newa papers, but from them wo often learn that tl ere are influcntial men who care more for party and politica] emolumenta than for their country and tlie soMiers who are ftghting in her defenee. Bilt when a hearted eivilian comes ■ ainong lis, (espcs.iilly íf liïs proportioüs be suoh as to prevent hiin becoming soldier,) the doors of our little cibins fl open epontaneouslj to give Lira the mos hearfy receptiou Four weeks since we board that Dr Poster was 'togive usa visit. At firs we discredited such goud news, for ru mor is too busy liere to give us any con fidenco in Imr reports. ]5ut ulien w 8;iw it n the Argus, we believed it, fo we knew that your nffiues wore in dos proximity. and that jou lived on the mos imicable terms. Two weeks ago wc heard tlint he w:ib in Washington. Then came tlie order to be ready to marcli witl tbree days' eooked ratioiis. And thw was followed by another ; ' Be ready to marcb to morrow morning af 4 o'cloek.' Meanwhile a furioua storm iirose and our pontoons and c;.nnon stuck fast in tlie mud, and of course our advanee stoppet with thein. All were willing to go anc' leave the good tliings that were coming for ui! were coufidont of suecess, anc there was one good reason at least, foi puc'i ooufideoce; viz : tho nowspapers did not itiform us and the rebuta also, of th'i jireeise point where uur attaek was to be made. The, e is yet some hope that we can inake a movenient and not even the papers know it buforeliand. Last Tliursday moniing the Dr. arrivt'd, and I assure you, [ nevel saw a rain recive a more bourty welcome thsn he did from bis friendg in the 20th Krr. ment It did every ono good to see his lionest counlenitnea among us, and to bear a voiee riglit from borne. All hurried to nee bim, and to nquire nbout their friends ; some would bo obliged to go aud see liini f thoy saw bim at al', for it is a matter of doubt whether he eould enter all our cabina on account of the medium size of our doors - you must bo aware that soldiers do not build cabina nor inako doors any larger than is necessary for thoir own convenienee. I never saw a good i'lustratiori of old Santa Claus, tül I saw tlio benevolent Dr., Lis face beaming with good nature, standing in the midst of thasfl presenta and hand ing out bundies and boxea to the eager recipiënt, wlio crowdc-d around him. ïlie kight would liave done you good. - Here was ono ruiling off a barrel ; diere auother turning a box as he could not wait to get l eomradc to help liini, and others carrying pareéis; too, numerous to mentiou, to their quarters. Many tlianks to our wortliy friend, tlie Dr , for lus kinduess. and many more to our friends at home for their generous presenta. We ar glad that he ia to remain with us some daya, and sliall seo him depart for lus home with regret. Oood hcalth now generally prevails in tlie Regiment. I am happy to state that Oompaiiy D haa lost none by death. The boys are all auxious to meet the enoiny Bgain. We hope tliá eleinents will bo favorable next tine, and that the decisivo blow raay be struc! wliich ghall bring thla cursod rebelliou to au ead ' G. OP We invite the lüention of our readers to a'i nrtiule to lc found on the fiit pne of th's clioet, credited to the New York Gbserver, and lieudud " Codduions oí Pcico." Thia irüclo givea soine oxtraots fi-ohi a reount sermón by Rev. Albeut Barnks, the di.tingiiisbud GoinnieiiUitoi'. Comino; froin an ! inul inti .slavery man his views are wonliy of sonitinv. One thing; is eer Lün, liad íheo views been adopted by the iiiiti-shivt-ry men at xn eailier day Ce sho'ild have had no war, Whetber their general ttdoplioa would now bring peace i.i ni're tliun wc can say. X" IIrxdiuck 15. Wrhíht, member of OoQgress from Pa., a Denioerat in grcat fuvor witb the llomblicans, made a speech lust week in which be severely reviuwed tbc conduct ot' tbc war, and in tbc namü of the soldiers demanded tho recall of Gen. McClellan to the coinmand of the Anny of the Potomao What say the radicáis to that. Do thcy longer I 8vviar by Wuiohï ? B The leadiug New' York botáis havo raised the price of board to $'J a diiy, and tbasecu;id cluss hotels to 2 a day.


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