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Special Dispatcli to the Detroit Free Press. Cairo, Feb. 3. On Sunday night, abont 11 o'clock hn :itt;ick was made on Lslund No 10 liy " large number of rebels- probable 3,000- chm posea of oavalry, infantry i.ncl irlillerv. They had crosned the Obion River in ffat-boats and skiffs, aud stationeti thetnsoves on the Tennessee slioro --ith tbree wx-pounders. Transport, uith troop., were passing Just as they nnïved, and were tired at ind compelied to cometo. TIn; lighl dransht gunboat liew Era iirrived, with hx twenty-four ptinders, whila gtBtninsd at the Iwlanc1 was a'ttHcked, Rhö returned the ire, and hots were exchunged for some timo(ui e Ireelv. After one hundred rounds wero fircd tho enemy gave wa'y and beat a preoini. tate rulreat, siuce wbich time tbey hiive not hIiovvm any dicpositioa to renew the attflck. Tho transport was rf coarse roleasid. No ciisnallies are reported. The ti-fops mi the I-land did ot parlici.ate in the flght . The New Era continued tobell the TiiiiR-ssee shore uutil yesterdiy inoriiinp, and convoye] paHting bat, The ironclrid gianboat Efwtpwrt, thicklv plated and heavily arned, went down yesteidav morning to rtrauifl at ilie Wunij, and, with thè New Era, will ufficiently pn.teet the work.s ihere and kei'p the tmemy at a respecbblo dis tanee. At four 'dock thU afte'noon the lollowing telegram was reeehed : Paduuah, Feb. 3. .7. W. Tuttlo, Brigadier-Genoral : Thj rebels c;tmu n sight of Fort Donê]if] a bout ton hours.ago We sent n forcé out to meet ihtm. They iré 8lill íiiflitiriLr. GEO. STILLMAN, Operator. Nolhintr further concerniig this aotiirn has heen receivad up tr7 P. M. Coïonel A. C. HardÍDú, o the Bigfctysé8i)nd IUitiois, la 'm ihmtmad ol üio fort. It ia supposed that the twi par! es of rebel iru under the commwd ol Forrest, und they intern] anothir raid on tlie Bultimnre and üio Raimad (?) A large nmnberof prisorcrs are ontinuallv nrrivin?, iind have 'o bo sent to oihtr places tbr quarlers. Cairo Feb. 4. The latest nevvs fromDoutfeon ia thot the rebel Iops in the recent fight was 135 killed, and 50 takun priioners. The wonndtd and prUómra are conlantly beinj; liroufeh: in. Tiie rebels are in lol] retjeat. (ien. was wourdcd aud a rebel Coïonel kil ed.


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