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-Wliüo the hills and valleysof Virginia have boen strewn with dead, and desolation and carn:iTtï ■lias been cirriod to an extent surprising to ye rebellious F. F's who itihabit tlia "naered soil,"' - while our soldiers are agaged in a fieree and desperate war to preserve the Union, our own city lias been the scène of combat and strife, between foreigo born eitizeaa and "Americans of Af'riean deseent.'' There has for some time existed be tween the Irish and the eolored popuiation of our eity feelingsother tban 'brotli■erly,' and altliough severa] small skir misiles have from time to time taken placp between the belligerents, yct we beüeve last Sunday was the time they ever marelicd up in battle arrav. - There they stood like warriors grim and ■bold, eaeh battalion with cves nteutly bent on thoir rude mplenients of war, waiting, like the héroes of Sumpter, to ■open the ball. The reporter ia uuable to sa)' who 'cast the first stone,' but eer tain it is hos'iüties aoameuced in earnest, brickbats and clubs went sailina throu"li the air in every direction, to the diseomLture of quiet ookers on, but remforce menta soon arrived, and the negroes ske -daddled, tliiuking perhnps tliuy would all be 'cornfiseated,' unless they soon found out the 'lines of retreat.' Durii.g the melee the wiiulows in the aecond story of ï. 13. Fkeemas's Barber Shop were suiasLed in, and sumlry heads more or less iujured. Jf3T The Ecleetic Magazine for Feb ruary is on our table. The plate for the number - a fine one - gives the portraits of five " doccased Secretarie of the American Board of Commi.-siouers for Foreign Missions." The table of contenta includes a numbur of very able and excellent papars, anioi'g them, The Jlus-ulmans in Sieily; Syria. and the Eastern Question; The Unwritten His tory of Earth and "Man; The lieign of Terror; Idees Xapoleoniennes- the Sec ond Empire; Eugland and the North &o. 85 a year. Addresa V H. Bidwkll, No. 5 Beekman St., N Y. JG3T The February number of the Ladiei' llepotitory has made its appearsdoo at our board, and was heartily welconied by the sitteis around the family fireside, who, haring missed the January number, upposed that the Aguts had been "cut" beeause paper had "rii." The number under notice has two fine nravings, -'The Pool of Siloam," and "Penelope- the Greek Matroo," and a table of conteiits such as the Editor, Eer. D. W. Clark, assisted by his pop ular contributors, kuow.s how to serve np. In tho list wtt notice one of a valuable series by our fellow-townsnian, Prof. Winciikll. If you want a peri odical that will alwuys instruct as well a amuse, elévate as well as interest subscribe for the Repoüiiory. 82.50 a year Address Poe & Hitciicock, Cincinnati, Oljio. - Will the Publishers send us the Jauuary number?


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