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Attention Clothiers! Just Received At The General Depot...

Attention Clothiers! Just Received At The General Depot... image
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' ATTENTION OIiOTBIERS ! JUS'V received at the Genen) Depot, lur the sale of Clo'.hicrs Stock. Mnchinery. DyuKtiift'i, &e. &c, No. I3Ü. Jefferson Avenue. Detroit, the following large, weil assürteii, and uarefully selecicd atock. viz: 100 bhls. St. Domingo Logwood, Cut, 5 'j„ig ■ " in Slick, 130 bbls. Cuba Fustic, Cut, 5 Toiis '; ;- in Stick, 59 blils. Nic. Wood. Chipped, r)0 ' Lima Wood, " 30 " Red Wood, " 12) : Ground Cainwood, It) iS Qucrcitroa Bark, 5JÖ Ibs. Nurscnlls, 10 Cases Extract of Logwood, 3ÜÍ1 ibs. Lnc Dye, 2 Ceroons Sp;inish Iüdigo, 300 Ibs. Sumnc Sicily, S Casks Mudder, 3 Oasks Blue Vuriol, 5 C-isks Aluin, 2 Barrels lied Tartar. 2' Barrels Cream Tartar, 3 Carboys Aqa Fortis, 5 Oil. Vitriol, 3 't Mürintic Acid, r0) Us. Virdigrisj 5.) i; Block Tin, Tèasels'. Twine, Copper Kettles, all i'e&) Parsjn's Shearing Machijies,. Curtis' ': ': S.crews and Press Plates, Cranks Press Paper, Steel Reedsj ySíqrátfcd H ïrncss, Tènter Hooks, Kmery, all No's.. Olive Oil, Clothiers' Jacks, Sattineit Warp, Clothiers' Brushes. Shuttles, l'ickers. Card Cleaners, &g. &c. Tho ábové, with n variety o-f otKer nrtictes belonging to the trade, hive been purchnsed this Btttaniêr ilie subscribers from Manufncturerand First Hands in the New York, rhiladelphia, and Boston Markets, and every thing having re? ceivod his personal inspection. he can wiih the ntm is', outidence offir theni to purchasers as ih ' best and must complete stocka the and ns it is his fixed detennination (by the iow rntes at which he u-ill sell) to prevent the necessity oi our Clothiers and Mnnufii-'urers leaving the State to mnke thoirpnrehases. K would mereh eny to the trade. CALL, examine the joods and a-ycortain prrces before you say you can buy cheapor amj wñare ejse. n p He is alsf prepared to con+rset lor CA KLMlNU MAC EINES made in this Stare or F-isf. PIERRE TELLER, Sign ofthe Golden Mortar, 139, Jcfferson Avenue. [17-tf.] Detroit.TO THE VÍCTOR BELONG THE SPO1LS" ALTI1OUGH inany preparation in the form. of "Popular medicines;" haye been before the public, claiming to give reliel and even. cure the most invetérate discases, ye. none have so wei1 answered the purpose as Dr. SHERMAN'S MEDICATED LOZENGES.. en"cbüGH LOZENGES" cure the most obstinate cases of Cough in a few. heurs. Thcy have cured a laxffe nuniber of persons who have been given up by their physieians a.nd friends. and many who have been redueed to the verge of the grave by spitting bJood consumption and Hectic Fever. by their use have had the rose ofheahh restored to the liag gard. cheek. and now lLve to speak forth the jiraisesofihisinvaluabte medieine. Dr. sherin-an'a WORM LOZEISGES" have been pro ved in more than 4(Jl',UU0 cases to be infallible. in fact, the only certain Worm (e Btroying medicine ever discovered. Children will'entthfim wlien they cannot be iorced to takt any other medicine-, ifftd the benefit derived htím the administration of medicine to ibem in tliie form is great bevond concepción. They havs never been kiown to fail. Dr. Sherman's ;CAMPHOR LOZENGES." relieve Hendaehe. Nervous Sjck-headache. Pal pitation of the Henrt. and sickness in"a very few minuics. Dr. Sherman's Í!POOR MAN'S PLASTER" is acknowledged by wko have ever used it to be the bes: strengtheni ng Piaster in ihe wnrld. and a sovereign remedy for painsand wenkness ia the back, loins. side, breast. neck, hnibs. joints, rheumatism, lumbago, &c. Be carefu! to procure the above and all other medicines of Natjiuird's. and you will be snre there will be no místáke in quantity or charge. W. S. & J. W. MAYNARD. An-n Arbor, February 5. 1-844. 41 To Clolliïers, Maiïucturers aiiEl mercliants. THE subsriber is now receiving ai his stores. Jc8 and 190 Jeferson Avenue, Detroit. iho following carffully and well selceted stock of Dyr Woovè, Dye Sïuif s end Woolkk Man ufactob e k's Ma c.i i k ery . 55 tons Fusiic. Cuba, TobascorTampico and Cartliagenn. TO tons Logwood. Campeach, Si Domingo and Honduras, 6 tons Nicaragua, Bonair, Coro, Hache and Lima, 3 lons Camwood, very cboico. -IHi) barrels Logwood, cut and ground, 13) " Fusuc " 4i MX). ' Red Wooü-s. ic f 19.0 ' Camwood, " " 10 " QnerecUron Bark, 45 i AlluiH. 42 '-' Copperas, 3t) " Blue Vuriol, 23 " Madder. Ombrej and Dutch erop, 3 " Cream Tarter, 2 " Nutgalls, ' casee Indigo. Bengal', Manrila and Gua tímala, 2l f% Lac-Dye, 20 ii. ext. Logwood, 2 ' Grain Tin.. 300 pounds Verdigris} Jó Carboys Üil Vifriol. Spirits Sea-Saltsand Nitric Acid, ÁLSO, Copper Kettles and Clothiers' Screws, Tenter llooks. Jack and Brushes, Press Papers, Gard CleanerSj Weavers' SheaTs, Nippers nnd Bnrling Irons, Comb-plates, Pickers and Holjbins. Vi'ire. Worsied and Cotion llarness. Sieef and Cane Reeds, Broad Power, llaud Looms and Fly Shuttles. Steel and Copper Mails, Emerv. &c. Pasons' Sbenring Machines. 4, G. and 9-blades, Allen's dotible and single Carding Machines. M'ichine Cards. Leicester, The above goods have been recently pur chased directly from Ue importers and manufheturers. Kxci.v'bivr.i-Y kor cash, and will be suld ai the New York jobbers1 prices adding trnnsjjortation only; and in consequence of the decline on many of the American manufactured anieles. ■wil!, in mnny cases, be sold at KijrrKKN ri-.i cent i.ESS TiivN Po-itMEK PUICK5. Thirtecn yearF experience in the D,ye Wood business fenables ihe subscriber to say to his custoniers that he is])rcpared at all times to wvrkint his goods of superior qualitv. THEO. M, EATON. Dye Wood and Dye Stuff Warehouse 188 and 190 Jefferson Avenue. D"eiroit. The Ann Arbor Journal, Tpsiland Sentinel Poiuiac Gazette, Flint Democrat, Adrinn Expopiior, Marshall Statesman, Niles Courier and Republican. Gazetto. Michigan City (Ia.) anc' he -Knc,uirer. London, (Canada.) will eachpub, lish '.he above notice insidc, to the amouni o liree dollars, nnd sond'copy of notjee with bilis to subscriber for paymeni. 17-tf. J JÉRÓME M. TREADWELL, ATTORNEY AND COl'NSKr.LOR AT LAWj And General Land' Agent, WILL altend to the sale and exchange o Lands, payment of Tnxes. and reciemp tion of Lands s?ld for 7'axes in Jackson and ad jolning counties. cxatnination of Tilles, Convey ancing. and all business pertaining lo Real Es late. Olïice in the Conn House. Jackson, Michigan. J T- tf.


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