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Garibaldi's Address To The Romans

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Garibaldi bas writteo the following letter in reply to the request that ho would accept the Presidency of a nevv committee formed in üome : Pisa, Dec. 17, 1SG2. Dear Fmends - I accept with gratitude and confidence the Presidency of your political comtnittee. Wbere the sun of liberty is dim - whore tho priest maintüins the darkness by ignorance and superstiticn - where foreiga insolence strives to give life to the fatal idol, by offering it a sword already crimsonod with the death of one peopie, to be used to givo death to another - there an efïort of action raust be made on bubalf of liberty, independence, civilization and progresa. The mean and cowardly instigaiions of the agents of corruption unnerve the intellect and the heart, and reader mean and despicable all the acts of life. Give them ear no longur. Your honor and the existence of the whole nation are at stake. Until you shall be ablo to make yourselves respectcd, diploma cv, beliüve me, will hold you in con tempt. Be you tho lirst to despiso her fond allurement?. They are the offspring of lies and the nurslings of treason. Komans! Itisfrom yourselves alone that you must domand your liberty, and you wiil obtain it. Have daring, courage and faith ! Let iii work together liko persevering explorara in the bowels of tho carth. To-day, the iiiijrb, barren atones ; to-mnrrow, the metal. To-day the labor of prepara tion ; to-mori'ovv the open strugglo and the victory. If your hearts fail you, go to your rains, your sepulehres, aiul your dead ! Thero you wiil find courage. Touch tho dust of Spartacus, Br-utus, and a hundred othor namen that liavo shed lustre on your history ! Interrógate the past; two oras of civilization will givo you answor! - Trust in the present; tweoty-two millions of brotherejarö boúnd,to help you, and they will htlpyou ! I will bc with you as in the glorióos - yes, glorious - daysof 1840. We werè iheñ all Italians (ighting in defenso of our hearths, our lands, our lawe ; and - I say it with the conscious prldo of truth- Ttalian honor issued from the ordeal without a ata in. Yours, vvith affeetiun, GARIBALDI. -■ ■ - mi- ■ mm t p-p-m- - t3 An honest farmer writee to an agricultura! society, " öejnts ploasc put I me down on vour Hat of cattto for a' bajf," i


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