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How Rosecrans Outwitted Bragg

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A correspondent of tlio New York Tribune, writing from Murfrccsboro, says: A ononing ruso was prnetieed upon tho encmy, Fiidny night, January 2d. It was apparont that their D.ambers cxeeedcd ours. Major General Thomas, who s babitually delibérate, said the encmy outmimbercd us 6OID6 .r,000 or 0,000 men. Aftcr wo occupied Murfi'eesboro, wo ascertalncd beyond doubt that Kirby Smitb's 10,000 men, wliich wo knew had been detached from ISragg ostcnsibly to go to Mississippi, had been quietly bivouaced among the niountains witbin cali of Murfree.sboro, and when the arniy of tbc Cumborland moved upon Bragg, they wero ordorcd back to the front - It was a cunning ruso. Bragg did it to bring on au attack, vainly imagining that bis reinforecments would turn the scale of victory in nis fuvor. ]3ut Friday General Rosecrnns directed Licutenant Colonel Langden, of General McCook's staffand Captain C. II. Thompson of bis own, each possesfing voices of fine volume, to "move tho fourtceuth división" to tho right of our line, as demonstratively as possible. You will nnderstand that the "fourtoeutb división" was a ïnytb. There was none such in the army. Langdon and Thompson, liowcver, witb powerful vocalization, deployed its columns into line, and illumiuated the woods witb blazing bivouae fires. Subsequcntly Gen. Rosecrans visited tho eamps of the "Fourteenth División," and taking a lot of orderlics, eacb witb a fire br.ihd in bis hand he laid out a lorg line of battlo, with glowing picket stations, oomplotely overlapping the left wing of the enetny. J3ragg, in his jubilant dispatch to Jeff. Duvis, said that "the eneniy having reeeivcd heavy reinforeemerits, bc deemed it prudent to retire." The " Fourteeiith División," consistiug of Lieutenant Colonel Langdon, Captain Thompson, and the General commanding with bis orderlics, and a few flnmbeaus, were all the reinforeements our army bad received.


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