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Ncver ent a piece out oí a nowspapcr until you have lookod on tho othcr sido, vyhere perliaps you may find something moro valuable than that which'you first intended to appropriate. Nover put sjilt into your soup before you have tnsted it. I havoknown gentlemen vcry imich enraged bydoingso, Nover burn your fingere if yon e.;ti help it. i'eoplu burn ibelr fingers every day, whon they rnight havo es. eaped if tliey h;ul boen mreful. Iet no gentlurnan over quarrel vvith a womíiu. Ií yon are n trouble with her, vutreat. Tf he abuses you, lie silont. If she toar your eloak oíf, ftivo hor your coat. Tl' .-lie box your earn bow. If fhe tear your evos out, íeel your way to the door - but lly. Don't put yoin' íeot on tho table.- Tnie, iho ino:nbors o{ Oongress do Jso, but your aro not a mornber of Congress. II' you í'orm ono of a largo mixed conipany, and .1 dilli.l;ut stranger enters the room and takos a eat among yoUjSíiy sotriöthiag to hiui, foi1 lioaven' sake, even although it be only, " Fino ovening, sir." Do not lot him sot bolt uptight, sufloring al! the appreheusions and g(Miies of bashliilnoss, without nny relief. Ask how ho Kas been - teil him you know liis friend bo and po - , anything that. wil] do to break the iey . iitness in which very decent fellows nro 8oinetitnes frozon oo tbeir debut beíore a nt;w circle,


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