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The Broken Blockade

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Wushmgton, Fob. 9. Official dispatches have been received froin Ad mira I, regarding therycent aflair off Charleston ; ilso enclosing the account of Coinmander Stellwageq f the Mercedit;i and KeyBtniw the only two vessels injufed. though other vessels ol the squadron were struek by theenemy's shot. Tho officurs and crew oí the Mercedita were paroled, but nothing was said aboutthe regeel, vchfch tftgether with thu Kevstone, are repalring it Port Royal. The rams caine opon the fleet during a thick Sog, and were not sten until close ölongwde tho Mercedita. The ram being so low in the water the Mercedita was unable to bring a gun to bear on her, and was disabled by the first shot of the ram, which pássed clean through her, anr), exploding her Bteum dnun, deprivc-d lier of the power of inotion, killing tho gunnar an i scalding a ni'inber of the crew. The ram after being detained half an hour by the Mercedita, starled for the Keystone and soon disabled her liv a shot through both fteain chsts. 'l'en rifle shelis struck her, and two burst on tho quarter deck. The Housatonic irave chase and a shot (rom her struck tho pilothou.-e of tho Ram, doing, it is thougfat, coaie darnage and carried away a flag The robel vessels then passed north ward, and took refnge in tho Swnsh Channel. Abont one-lourth of tho crew of the Kejstono were killed and wounded Most of thein died from the escaping steam Coni Stellwagen has asked, and Admiral Dupont ordered, an irivestigation.


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